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LinkedIn Introduced Notification Center For Pages

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For the marketers who run a LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn has rolled out a major update. The largest professional networks has launched Notification Center in order to help marketers to manage their company's social media presence easily and effectively.

LinkedIn Introduced Notification Center For LinkedIn Company Pages

The company announced the feature via their official LinkedIn blog. The notification center will provide complete overview about the number of likes, comments, and shares they receive on content. It will also notify any mentions your company receives on the LinkedIn network. The feature is now available for company page administrators globally. Using the notification center, owners of the respective company pages will be able to get the following insight:

  • An aggregated overview of how likes, comments, and shares on company page updates.
  • Mentions of the company by LinkedIn members within the network on the platform
  • Publicly shared mention of your company on LinkedIn
  • Most recent likes, comments and shares
  • Comment and like as a company representative in response to mentions about your company

Pinkovezk, senior product manager of marketing solutions at LinkedIn said:

“LinkedIn, the largest professional network has also altered the way company Page notifications are displayed. Now, the LinkedIn has aggregated multiple actions taken on a company page into a single notification.”

The notification center will be very helpful for the page administrators as they can now efficiently manage notifications from the company page. The feature gives them a way to distinguish between personal and company page notifications.

-LinkedIn Introduced Notification Center

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