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LinkedIn Introduces 3 New Features for Company Pages

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LinkedIn Introduces 3 New Features

LinkedIn, the biggest professional networking platform has introduced three brand new features for the company pages. The features will help brands, enterprise and companies to stay better engaged and connected with their employees.

The features will bridge the possible gap between company and employees and help them stay informed. This is how the employees could be able to share the fresh and updated content about the company they are working for. In addition, LinkedIn has also brought few new tools to help companies optimize their pages.

See the list of the new features coming to LinkedIn brand pages:-

Employee Notification:

The first feature coming to the LinkedIn for Page admins is employee notifications. The feature will now send alerts to the about important posts. The notification will help employees to engage better by sharing the content on their LinkedIn network. To avoid the feature being misused, certain safeguards have been added like limiting notifications to once every seven days.

Kudos and Team Moments:

The feature lets the brand page admins create and share custom content formats especially designed for welcoming new team members. The feature gives brands a way to appreciate employees doing outstanding work and recognize the people behind an organization.

Page Completion Meter:

With the new feature called page completion meter, page admins can now fully optimize their page. The feature helps them identify missing fields and calls out new features.

It’s estimated that complete LinkedIn company pages generate 30% more page views per week if compared to incomplete LinkedIn pages. In addition, LinkedIn also prefers complete pages when giving access to additional features such as content suggestions and more.

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The downside is that less than 5% of page admins tend to update their incomplete LinkedIn brand pages since they have no clue what’s really missing on these pages. The feature will take the page admins through process of completing their page and taking full advantage of available features.

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