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Keyword Density Plays Pivotally In Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Tarun Gupta | Feb 7th, 2012 | Search Engine Optimization

Good quality content with relevant keywords attract potential visitors. It is important to select the set of relevant keywords that actually matches well with the website. Always remember that the technique is to attract the search engine spiders.

Keywords are best described as a collection of few words or a phrase through which users attempt to find information related to it on the Internet. It forms the connection between the user and the information available on the web. Since the whole game of appearing on the search engine result page primarily depends on the keywords, it is important to wisely use them within the content. Keywords play pivotally when it comes to optimizing a particular website for search engines. However, search engine follow a specific algorithm to rate web pages and hence, pick pages only that show ideal use of keywords and its density.

Ideal Keyword Density as per SEO standards

It is true that search engine appreciate keywords within the page but more than that, they loathe its abuse. Over stuffing keywords or writing long tail keywords that do not match well with the content will result into spamming. Every SEO services provider and content writer has information about proper keyword density. In order to optimize a website, it is its keywords that are first taken into consideration. As far as the density of keyword is concerned, it is primarily fixed in accordance with the kind of keyword. For example, keywords that are highly competitive should come only once or twice whereas, secondary keywords can take up more place. Normally, the written density of keyword ranges from 2% to 7%. Make sure that your keywords are distributed evenly within the page. Do not over-stuff your content with keywords to aim for improved seo services. A website that represents excessive repetition of keywords in the content is mostly rejected by the search engines. Search engine immediately mark such these sites as spam sites.

Keyword Density Tools for SEO Service providers

Today, we have in market a great range of highly advanced tools that enable SEO services providers or any individual to find out the keyword density. These tools are extremely easy to use and can determine the density of all the vital sections including places like headers, footers, anchor text, description tag, body text and title tag of any particular page. With these tools, one not only finds it easy to maintain the ideal ratio but also lets them to focus on the quality of website's, while making it look natural to the search engines. Website owners often take help of these tools to find out the keywords used by their competitors. In order to maintain the correct proportion of keywords, SEO services providers and content writers have to take into consideration certain specifications and guidelines. Keywords should be wisely included within the content so that they are even distributed and do not look unnecessarily stuffed, anywhere.

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