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Twitter Introduces Installed App Category Targeting For Advertisers

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Installed App Category Targeting

To make audience targeting on Twitter more precise, the micro-blogging legend has introduced a tool named 'installed app category targeting'. The tool takes into the account what are the apps installed and used by the users on their devices when approaching them with other apps users might consider.

According to Twitter, the new tool will help advertisers to send marketing messages to the audience based on the apps they already have. Twitter product manager Deepak Rao said:

"One of the biggest priorities for mobile app marketers is to reach the people who are most likely to use and love their apps. With installed app category targeting, you can identify new audiences of high-quality users to target within your existing app category and in related app categories."

The new tool will be available to the marketers in addition to other other ad-targeting approaches such as using keywords, languages or locations. Twitter maintained that the tool would have an analysis and reporting module as well, to help marketers take better decisions around their ad-campaigns.

Twitter already has a mechanism in place to find what apps are installed on smartphones or tablets. It helps the company to personalize Twitter feeds, promoted content, and recommendations regarding accounts to follow. Twitter has been working hard since long to increase its revenue and ramp up its user base.

  • Monny paul

    Mobile app marketing is one of the greatest needs for marketers to achieve the people who are destined to utilize and affection their applications.

  • Anny Joe

    This functionality is presently accessible universally to all advertisers running mobile app install and engagement campaigns on Twitter for iOS and Android.

  • Gary Brich

    With installed application category targeting, we had the capacity accomplish a higher conversion rate than with other focusing on criteria, which led to a lower cost per install and improved ROI overall.