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Top 7 Instagram Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021

Tarun Gupta | Jan 24th, 2021 | Social Media Marketing Resources

If you are running an ecommerce business, one key factor you have to consider is to stay at the top of the marketing trends. In 2021, it is important to look back at what the campaigns consumers will enjoy, what they work and what they do not want to expect going forward on all the marketing platforms.

Top Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021

With more than a billion users across the world, Instagram is serving at the top of social media. It means that any post on the Instagram platform will easily reach a large number of people. Here are some trends you can consider with Instagram marketing in 2021.

Reels expected to rise

Instagram reels or Instagram response allows the users to create and edit the short videos. This was launched in August 2020 and now becoming more popular in 50+ countries.

These reels are the great option to capitalize on the content, trends and challenges without having any other platforms to build their audience. The brands can easily leverage Instagram reels in their marketing strategy.

It is more useful if it is informational content. So, create the content you already know about and share it among the audience.

More Instagram stories

Since its launch in 2016, the platform has become incredibly popular with the stories. As per the research, 86.6% of the users are posting the stories and 80% of the brands say that Instagram stories have a huge impact on the influencer content.

When you have an efficient strategy for the Instagram stories, it is important to get the most from the features. Experts recommend taking advantage of the functionality available to the users and engaging them.

Relatable influencers

With the trend towards the authentic and unfiltered content comes to the need for the brand to partner with the relatable influencers. The average Instagram user will look for the connection with the real people who live like their own and not be a celebrity.

When you are looking for an Instagram influencer to represent your brand, you have to consider all the types of influencers. There are lots of nano and micro-influencers being tapped for the collaboration due to the connection they establish with the audience.

While they may only have thousands of followers, these influencers will try to have better engagement simply to stay in touch with the few more thousands of people.

More live content

In recent days, the concept of Instagram live has become skyrocketing. As per the survey, Instagram live usage has increased by up to 70% in only one month.

It is not surprising as it was about a month into lockdown to mitigate the spread of the pandemic virus. The researchers say that the strike rate is due to the increase is because the human is not built to stay isolated from any other factors for the long period especially without moving out of the home.

To feel connected, they engage with such live contents. Even after the completion of the pandemic period, the concept of live stories is standing at the top.

In-app shop

More and more consumers are turning to the internet for their shopping needs for everything from food, car, dress, etc. Around 70% of the shoppers are already using Instagram to find the new product, and it is just to make sense that Instagram is making it easier for them to show without visiting the physical store.

In this pandemic, the derails plan into 2021, and the consumers are likely to increase their online shopping activity even more. In this Instagram mobile app, the stoppable post shows up in the feed with the little shopping bag in the lower-left corner, and you just have to tap on the product to see further information about the product.

Trending cross-platform content

When the social media platforms tend to favour the native content, a quick scroll through the feeds on any platforms now shows the mixture of native and cross-platform content memes.

Of all these social media platforms, Instagram has been particularly adept at introducing new features that will allow the user to create a similar type of content that they have crossed into Instagram. You can also expect to see a lot more GIF marketing on the platform along with stylish videos with reels and long video contents.

Branded AR effects

While the branded effects were ridiculously popular, Facebook has taken the idea and turned it into an entire platform. Branded AR effects have been used by the brands across industries from cosmetic companies allowing the users to have different makeups shade to look on them to clothing and home decors brands to have different appearances. It is a brilliant and highly trending way of branding.


When you want to establish a unique place in the digital space, you should always be aware of the trends. It will truly take you to height when you follow the right measures.

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