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Is Google Testing Infinite Scroll Search For Search Results ?

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Sep 9th, 2015 category Search Engine Optimization comments 3 comments.

If you're fed up of seeing ten search results a page, or no more interested in alter settings every time to see up to 100 results a page, Google is exploring a way out. If people associated to search engine optimization business are to be believed, Google is testing a feature showing search results in infinite scroll.


It means, no more puzzle of seeing only ten results on a page, but users would continue browsing more and more search results as they scroll down the page. A Twitter user Kevin Gibbons shared a screenshot on twitter to prove the fact. Showing search results in infinite scroll is nothing new for Google, as search engine juggernaut is currently using this feature for image search.


Google tested infinite scroll search for web search way back in 2011 but failed to make any headway. Kevin shared the screenshot and said his settings were not set to show 100 search results. The only problem he is seeing as of now with new arrangement is that it would accommodate less ads because there is no pagination.

  • Anny Joe

    That is awesome – I think it could be profitable to those destinations who are right now showing up on page 2 and past since the clients wouldn’t need to really “click” onto the following page.

  • Shweta Sinha

    What might happen to the Ads? Would they change as the client scrolls? Then again, everybody will be on page one of Google!

  • Chris Ronald

    This is the main thing that will spare SEO as a profession. As the years progress, Top 10 will be difficult to break into and new organizations will surrender attempting to get up to competitors that began 10-20 years back. Without this kind of ability… SEO would eventually die…