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Identify Thin And Low Quality Content

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If you are one among those unfortunate webmasters whose web traffic and search visibility has reached at the greatest low, you are the most wanted convict of recent Panda Updates. Whether or not you admit it but you must have played a trick game with 'thin' and 'shallow' content to increase frequency of your page text or articles but unfortunately it became a disaster.

What Google Thinks

Being a giant among the search engines, Google takes quite a straight approach on the content quality across the web. Google loves to see a piece of solid content with better value add to the user and must be rich, original and relevant in the context. I feel this the top reason behind the frequent Panda updates by the Google in order to ensure a fine balance between graphics and content piece.

Manage Duplicate Content Or Face The Panda

If You are an SEO Services Company or an individual Internet marketing firm running campaigns for search engine promotion, be ready to work on your content from scratch. Google is quite intelligent to find your con motives. Undoubtedly, Google's Panda is a stern red flag against thin and low value content. So, the million dollar question arises what's the solution. I am suggesting you not one but two solutions at once. Either you may manage your content on your own or may Hire a Dedicated SEO Content Writer to push your strategy ahead.


Google has a very mechanical view on low-quality text. A text that we feel complete in every sense, is judged by Google as a poor script. Why such discrimination? Don't be serious. Google uses no heart to check your text, it trusts on its algorithm to find a piece of text poorly written. In one of his video releases, Matt Cutts, the boss of Google's Search Spam team revealed how they find the low quality content on the websites.

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Internal Duplicates and Thin Content

As the name implies internal duplicates are those contents that are copied across the same website and in its internal pages. For Google, every URL is a unique identity thus every copy of the text piece reduces the quality of the content.

Cross-Site Duplicates and Thin Content

In contrary to the previous, cross-site duplicates or those contents copied on another website with changed headings and subheadings. The duplicate content across a number of sites instigate Google frenzy and I seriously have no idea whether or not panda spares Syndication and authorized duplicate content across the websites.

High Ad-Ratio

Interestingly, a page with the content ratio less than 30% and rest ads, is termed as a page with no content value. Although, no official announcement has yet been made by Google to disclose 'how much is too much', an internet marketing campaign certainly takes the dead end if you don't understand difference between a text copy and an Ad copy.


When I am talking about hiring a dedicated resource, don't confuse with hiring an obvious writer who knows how to write a keyword rich content. I am very much talking about a subject matter expert in the domain of SEO Content Writing Services who knows how to please Google Panda. A dedicated writer rounds up every aspect of content and attains support from the search engines. A dedicated writer who has been in the industry since long can easily distinguish between the the thin content and high value content.

Add Substance To The Content

The major responsibility of a dedicated writer here would be to have a close watch on the Panda algorithm updates and strategies to ensure the peace. Before indulging in the debate how a dedicated writer can settle the things, let me illustrate in brief the type of thin content Google traces in a web page. Balance is important when a website contains both graphics and text. Only a fine balance between two turns the website aesthetically appealing. A reader has no time to go across a text map of 1000 words if he just is looking for a health remedy he is fighting with. He is no way interested in knowing what your experience was. It is very frustrating for a reader to read between the lines that have no value at all.

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There Are No Shortcuts Of Quality

Google knows everything you are doing to come top of the SERPs. There's no problem if you are doing it with standards and said legitimacy. But if you are filtered in the panda net for applying shortcuts, you have to ready for conviction. A dedicated SEO Writer therefore works hard to come under the Google scanner with good standing.

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