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It Was A Huge Google Update On December 16th, Google Still Silent

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Google Updates

A day back or so, chatter was around that a possible and potential Google update had just happened on December 10th, but now it seems confirmed. Some of the easygoing and automated ranking tools are indicating that a solid update is going on at Google as of this morning.

Unlikely, if it's true, it suggests Google's deviation from the earlier stand where Googler John Mueller declined any possibility of real time Penguin search algorithm update or Panda update until January 2016. But, Google has been quite regular in throwing in updates to their their core search algorithms. So, there might be some bright chances that a Google Update was rolled out last night.

Chatter is going on across the Webmaster World and related discussion forums about the possible Google Update. SEOs are constantly saying that something big is going through. They raised their concerns as they noticed up to 80% traffic drop since morning. They also reported 20% drop in conversion and 100% bounce rate on their business websites. SERPs are flooded with content-less and spammy websites full of adverts.

Some others are now jumping with joy as their websites have hopped up in the ranking and thus received a substantial increase in traffic. Despite the fact, what haunts them is that the majority of this traffic comes from markets they do not serve like Bahrain, Netherlands, UK, etc. Since they do not offer services or ship to these countries, the increase in traffic tends to be useless.

Did you also noticed ranking or traffic fluctuation? If yes, do notify us in comments. We will bring the latest on the Google Update as soon Google comes with their side of story.

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Lokesh Bravo Says:

In the most recent 2 weeks a saw a considerable measure of keywords going down. They were unfaltering or moving up exceptionally pleasant as of not long ago. I additionally did backlinking for some of them in the last 4-6 weeks with few and great quality links yet the outcome was not what i was expecting.

Anny Joe Says:

Yes i have seen from one of my customers site’s movement is around 80% since most recent 3 days without of any msg under Google Search Console..

Raghav Roy Says:

If this is an update it has not been well disposed to eCommerce sites, unless you are Flipkart or Snapdeal. Nothing surprising about that however. Today is the most noticeably awful changing over traffic I have seen from Google ever.

Jaintechnosoft Says:

By retaining a way of the changes in the SERP’s in integration with your particular rankings as well as feedback both in the SEO community and Google itself you can sometimes assume what you need to do on your website to enlarge your website’s ranking.

Kevin Woods Says:

We’ve haven’t saw anything unordinary, we have connections with a few diverse geo web domains however nothing of remarkable remarkableness to report.

Gary Brich Says:

I saw bunches of mix on automated tools early morning and am currently seeing it in manual SERPs in USA. I don’t think this is going to stick. Does not look like Google SERPs.