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Why HTTPS Is Important For Website Security? Learn From Wikipedia

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Lately, Google has started giving 'https' websites preference over http in order to ensure more security and information safety. Speculatively, the search engine juggernaut has also begun giving these websites ranking boost that led more players to get the https prefix. The information encyclopedia 'Wikipedia' is the prominent name among those who went this way. Jimmy Wales, founder of the company recently shared his views why he thinks encryption is so important. During an interview, he said his heart why should more webmasters go secure. He said that he wants more sites should be encrypted.

HTTPS Is Crucial For Newspapers:

Jimmy believes that to bring the essence of free speech and freedom of expression, a newspaper should go https way. He cited examples of a few countries where people were subjected to scrutinized and profiled in their communities based on what news stories they're reading.

“If you’re a newspaper that cares about freedom of expression and freedom of speech, it’s probably not good to allow the government of the Maldives to be profiling people in their communities based on what news stories they’re reading, and if you aren’t secure you’re allowing that to happen – it’s a really important point,” he says.

HTTPS Handles Controversial Topics Better:

Jimmy Wales has said even more on why he is in support of https and SSL. He says that going secure with https means you're safe from being sniffed from the governments. Going https will keep you safe as governments can't know what news articles people are reading within their country. Wales said this the driving force behind Wikipedia’s decision to switch to SSL.

It’s a common misconception that SSL is only important when websites are handling private data, however this was not the reason Wikipedia was transitioned.Instead, it was the ability for governments with poor human rights records to tell when citizens were reading articles covering controversial or anti-government topics, and arresting them as a result. It may seem like something out of dystopian fiction, but Wales is adamant that this situation occurs, and says he is aware of particular Wikipedia editors being affected.

HTTPS Prohibits Selective Blocking of Pages:

This is another advantage of domains having HTTPS that most of the webmasters are unaware of. If your website runs with https, your specific website pages can't be blocked. That means, no authority would be able government would be unable to censor specific results on a page. He cited this being the reason that China blocked Wikipedia again, since the Country could no longer sensor people from specific pages on the site.

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Hilton Wood Says:

HTTPS is particularly important over shaky systems, (for example, open WiFi access focuses), as anybody on the same neighborhood system can packet sniff and find sensitive data not secured by HTTPS.

Daniel root Says:

HTTPS is also very vital for associations over the Tor obscurity network, as malicious Tor hubs can harm or change the contents going through them in an unstable manner and infuse malware into the connection.

Anny Joe Says:

HTTPS is improtant for the threats security to reduce malware inferctions, decrease help desk incidents and free up valuable IT resources.