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HTTP/2, A Major Update To HTTP Is Coming Soon

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The Major Update To HTTP Is Coming Soon

After a long haul of 16 years, HTTP is going to get its first major update. IETF HTTP Working Group, the agency working on the current update said that the new standard is now ready to rock and waiting for approval from the editorial process. Once approval comes, HTTP/2 will be published as a standard. Pretty exciting!! the next major version of HTTP is here.

The new standard will ideally deliver several benefits in terms of faster page loads, longer-lived connections, more items arriving sooner and server efficiency. Notably, HTTP/2 uses the same HTTP APIs that developers are familiar with. HTTP/2 will now make it easier to send multiple HTTP requests.

Web community, on several occasions, requested developers to avoid adding too many HTTP requests to their pages. They told that sending multiple requests leads major optimization and coding glitches. HTTP/2 has a multiplexing feature that'll allow several requests to be rendered at the same time. It will considerably improve the page load time.

Since HTTP/2 works with fewer connections, it results lower load for servers and networks. The new HTTP standard will work on Google’s SPDY protocol. This is quite a popular protocol that which is used some technologies to deliver latency, security and faster page load times. A few days ago, Google already announced that HTTP/2 will arrive on Chrome browser soon.

-The Major Update To HTTP Is Coming Soon

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