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How To Secure Your WordPress Site

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Secure Your WordPress Site

I love WordPress because it's easy. Not only me but the entire digital fraternity sings the same song. They say it simple, easy to use and most importantly needs no technical expertise for installation. They quote a number of benefits it serves including efficient content management, numerous functionalities and an open source community to troubleshoot the technical bugs.

I too endorse all this and other positive mentions anyone submits in support of WordPress during the Open Source Development. In contrary, the easy attitude of WordPress becomes a dismay and threat for the programmers on a number of occasions. Among other threats, hacking comes on the top. I do believe that you folks are quite friendly with this term and I too am is not very keen to illustrate the term.

WordPress Security Tips For Better Site Safety

What I will elaborate here is certain tips that you may follow to become more vigilant against these sorts of uninvited threats in even a Custom Web Development using the WordPress. Let's start one by one.

Play Safe With Your Password:

if you are one among those digital geeks who set his cell number or spouse name as the WordPress password, you would be the first one to get the knock. Hackers are really smart and know that newbies love to assign interesting passwords to their WordPress accounts. This is therefore very important to follow a stringent password regime to be safe. Remember the points stated below.

  • Don't ever use range of single numbers or characters such as '11111....' / 'PPPPP.....' or '12345...'./'PQRST'.
  • Don't use birthday, anniversary, telephone number or social security number as your password.
  • Don't use any other personal information in your password, it can be easily breached by cons.
  • Using 'inverts' such as 'craft to tfarc' should also be avoided.
  • You shouldn't use same password for every website you visit.
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Customize Your Login:

Usually WordPress offers a default user name 'admin' to every account created with it. In case you continue with the same account, hackers may get a chance to attack your website. What I will suggest you that as soon you receive your default user ID and password to login your WordPress account, change it without delay. During the Application Migration Process it plays a significant role.

Choose A Secure WordPress Plug-in:

As a professional WordPress development, I know a number of places inside a WordPress website that may convey the WP version to the hackers. In most of the cases Dedicated Web Developers miss the point and pay a big price in the form of the information loss. This is therefore important to choose secure WordPress plug-ins to elevate the security level of your website. Using a security plug-in helps to remove a number of bottlenecks that may later demolish the fort.

  • It removes any error info on login page
  • Removes WP-version (not applicable for admin panel)
  • Hides core update information for non-admins
  • Conceals plug-in information for non-admins
  • Hides URL version
  • Blocks bad queries

Act Smart With WP-config.php:

If you are familiar with WordPress, you must have the knowledge of WP-config. PHP file. This is a location where comprehensive and every minute information about database connection is placed and accessed from anywhere. To protect the information breach you should move the file to your WordPress root. WordPress will easily find it from the location when the need arises. Only a user with FTP or SSH access can be able to access your server to read the file.

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Alter Database Prefixes:

WordPress takes 'wp_' as default prefix when it comes to using tables. Since WordPress is a well-known open source application, hackers can attack the site using loopholes in the tables. I will therefore suggest you to change the table prefixes to reduce the gravity of the threat. During the development of database solution, it also helps to keep the structure of database integration with WordPress.

Regular Version Updates:

It is always a good practice to update the version with available patches and version updates. Update older versions of WordPress with latest versions. It will secure your application and prevent it from any potential security breach.

Taking Data backups Regularly:

This is the last but not the least. Despite all the precautions what if your site is hacked? You can't afford such a disastrous breach and information loss. It's very important to have regular backups of important data and other WordPress resources.

In case you want to leverage very potential of this amazing tool used in open source development, you need to make it fully secure and unbreakable. I hope that this information will help you to put the things in the real perspective.

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