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How To Remove Conversion Bottlenecks

Tarun Gupta | Jul 20th, 2013 | Digital Marketing

Most of the people who follow me on twitter and are the part of the online business fraternity find it annoying that despite a beautifully crafted content rich website, their conversion quotient is quite low. They frequently poke and insist me to explain the reasons behind the ordeal. Being an Internet Marketing Services professional I suggest them numerous points to ponder and add in their campaign to mitigate the defeat ratio.

This article is a comprehensive illustration of the factors that play a significant role during the campaign. For the user comfort, I have categorized the article in two segments. In the first section I will explain the shortcomings that harm your conversion prospects and in the second one I will go ahead with the remedies that bring the shortcomings down and boost your website conversion in real.

Check Your Conversion Funnel

You can't even have a workable Conversion Rate Optimization plan in place until you examine certain elements important to the campaign. Let's take them one by one.

Examine The Traffic Route:

Most of the guys underestimate the joints that become the potential traffic source. These are the routes that route the maximum traffic on your website. Examine routes beyond the existing one to get the more ways to invite traffic. If you ask me then I will must say that Social media marketing can be option for improving your web traffic.

Analyze Page Load Speed:

This is probably a factor sustains serious significance in the conversion. Ask an internet marketing expert that how annoying it feels when a page takes centuries to load. I would therefore like to add that minimum load time boosts conversion. Go with Google analytics and analyze the exit rates of visitors from the pages with delayed loading time. You will get your answer.


For both organic and paid traffic, you can run query mining process to understand those irrelevant search terms that result in a growing bounce rate. Experts believe that working on irrelevant key-terms of rankings can hurt conversion. Being an important part of the web usability, it signifies the overall aspect of conversion testing to ensure most specific visitor turnaround.

Broken Links:

Many a times during site updates and maintenance, webmasters don't take notice of broken-links at all. This turns to be a tough call on conversion scenario. That is why while shaping up the site for the final look, it will be really great to run a broken-link analysis tool to fix the scene.

Improve Your Conversion Roadmap

In the above segment you have got an idea what are the loopholes and bottlenecks that suck your conversion pipe. To get updated with the statistics and observations, you may use the features of tools like Google analytics. Now, let's start with the top points that you must yo go ahead with in order to unleash the conversion potential.

Structure Your Site Navigation:

I have gone through a number of websites and came to know that most of these websites are quite disorganized and cluttered and most probably not able to give the visitor potential information that they need. If you own a big website, observe its navigation path and ensure that links are organized in a manner helpful to the visitors.

Create A Sitemap:

Although navigation plays an important role in conversion sometimes a few important pages are missing out by the visitors if a website contains plenty of pages. A sitemap therefore would be a great idea if implemented wisely. An HTML sitemap is an easy way that gives users an opportunity to explore web pages on the site without any hassle. It may be a case that not all the visitors use the sitemap but if you have one on your website, it can do wonders.

Include Site Search Option:

Like a sitemap, search box is also an important tool. Users find it tough to search relevant information out of the hundred pages available on a website. Rather visiting the crowd a user prefers to search for the element or leaves the site. The latter case kills conversion. The better idea is to include a search box on top of the site to let users search their particular information.

Add The Social Angle:

The last but not the least, giving social angles to your presence would be a great boost to conversion. Create, join and share your business with like minded groups and communities that run the same business. You can call it Social Media Marketing but remember that branding it does push visitors to pause on your website for longer duration.

I would also emphasize that in several cases your checkout process hurts the conversion. Either it takes so long to accomplish or very complicated to understand. It is therefore important to develop a checkout process that is simple and straightforward to the users.

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