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How To Plan An E-Commerce Website

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E-Commerce Website

Planning an e-commerce website is certainly a business idea that can give you revenue advantage and an exposure to your products and services in the competetive market place. I however believe that it demands a perfect road-map and strategic wisdom to develop a solution that accomplishes the expectations. It is very important for a business organization to understand the unique attributes of the market and the market goals before launching the website. The article here is a comprehensive illustration of the strategies in an order that help you to launch an E-commerce Solutions with a considerable impact. I have made below pointers to convey the standard strategic inclusions during the design.

  • Identify your business goals and target audience.
  • Have a clear unique value proposition for the website.
  • Plan design, navigation, search and checkout in a proper manner.
  • Introduce SEO plans to optimize website for the audiences.
  • Safe and highly secure shipping and checkout and payment process.

Effective Planning is The Key:

When I say planning, I by default cover the goals behind the execution. Every business venture has a goal to achieve so a Shopping Cart Solutions or an e-commerce website isn't an exception either. A goal can be anticipated in a number of ways and at the end depends upon your business observation. A business house may plan an e-commerce website to improve its financial / market competitiveness or to elevate the existing brand exposure. Other organizations may have a motive to increase the frequency of shoppers and improvement in revenue ratio.

Technical Inputs & Information Architecture:

Here comes the most important part of the e-commerce web development and that is website designing. It accommodates a number of pointers to be integrated together.

  • Web design
  • Navigation
  • Product description
  • Landing pages
  • Links
  • Images
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Checkout
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In the market today e-commerce solutions are designed and developed using either Open Source Development or by using Microsoft technologies. Either two are the complete packages in itself and the decision may go with one after deep scrutiny of budget requirements.Proper navigation is very necessary as it helps users and potential buyers to jump from one page to another.Product description comes as a product text that defines that elaborate the attributes of the same. You should also take the good care of landing page development, links and checkout functions to give a proper and wining look to your website.

Website Promotion Tactics:

Now, you have an commerce site with all possible utilities and features. The next step is to promote and make this website popular among the customers. There are a number of ways that you can adopt to accomplish the task. You can start it with an exclusive webcast product or service launch. You may also go through other promotion tactics by launching mobile campaigns, inviting buyers to participate in web contents and organizing customer retention/recognition programs. You may also rely on Social Networking Websites in order to approach relevant groups and potential audience.

Watch The Conversion:

Once you achieve good customer base and visitor traffic on your website, this is the time to retain the customers and covert them into the real buyers. Conversion is itself a comprehensive factor that needs to be considered quite wisely. Technically, conversion states the number of visitors that have been converted in actual buyers. Using Google Analytics and other Analytics tool can assist you to in having an idea about the pages visited, user time spent on each page and bounce rate.

Work On Goal Measurement:

If you are dreaming to gain big out of your e-commerce venture, it is very important to keep your conversion goals alive. Analyze your conversion stats on the basis of a number of important parameters. Check whether or not shoppers are contacting you and secure an idea if they are purchasing more than one product at one checkout. An experienced Web Development Service provider can give you the better idea how to plan the venture.

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