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How To Escalate Google Rankings

Tarun Gupta November 5th, 2013 Search Engine Optimization no comments.


It's really great to be on the top of the Google search results and an amazing accomplishment too. But you need to work even harder to sustain the victory. Competing the competition is becoming a thing of greater concern thus you must alter and tune your website to face the heat. It's not tedious to change your site habits a bit if you seek top positions in search rankings.

Quick Tweaks That Improve Search Results

Here I am listing a few tweaks an Search Engine Optimization Services expert can perform to ensure your win in Google search.

Play Safe With page Titles:

The buck stops here. Ask the webmasters their standard opinion on the Title and they will tell a different story. Is the Title tag of a web page is a devil? Not at all. There is no said standard to measure the title tag but Google allows it up to 70 characters. A good character range can be anything between 50-65 characters. Google search results truncate the characters if it crosses the limit. Google throws no sight on the titles that contain more than 70 characters and flags it as a “Long title tag” error in Google Webmaster Tools.

Search Engine Friendly URLs:

If you are one who uses your targeted keywords in your domain name, you are on the right path however reminding not to buy an exact match domain as it can lead to the EMD algorithm trap. Go through a number of guides available on the internet where you can get the idea how to utilize the best of search engine friendly file names and permalink structures to make your listing more precise and valuable.

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Put Meta Description Backed With Call-to-Action:

Although experts believe that meta descriptions you post against any web page has no straight relevance with the search ranking (arguable), yet it can entice more searchers to click and visit your link and will certainly escalate your search graph. Google affirms the length of description between 100 to 150 characters. Any deviation might result in an error flag in Google Webmaster Tools. You may also add a call-to-action to your description to entice users to come to you

Access Google Authorship:

The Google author offers you a position that makes you stand out of the crowed. The title is rewarded to those who have their profiles with Google+ and authoring on various topics time and again. When you earn an authorship with Google, it recognizes you and lately brings your profile image with and in every search result where your website comes. The essence is that Google authorship can help your website retain top rankings in the Google.

Optimize Sites For Local:

Escalating your brand image in the local markets can yield good results. You should therefore optimize your website and brand and make it listed in the local listings. You should also carefully check the accuracy of your business listing using a range of tools available. It has been evident that businesses with more citations for websites with high PR ranks higher.

Adding Google Reviews:

Google reviews are another important aspect that can add more to your search results. All you have to ask your customers what they really think about your products and services. Make the reviews an integral part of your SEO Process. Suggest them to be frank with their mentions and submit the grievances in the way they have. It will not only help you to include more proficient patterns of concern resolution but also will boost the search rankings as well.

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