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Guidelines and Rules For Forum Posting

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Being one of the widely recognized digital marketing services channels, forum posting is still the best place to promote brands, products and services. Old students of social media school still believe that most of the branding starts from here. On the social platform, forums and message boards are inevitable. These are available in two ways namely stand-alone websites and embedded in corporate websites. If you run a brand and keen to promote it on various relevant forums, a number of factors are there to consider.

Major Forum Posting Guidelines

Almost every forum and message board has defined set of guidelines to follow. Before joining its very necessary to look for the instructions to get an idea about the domain and the marketing language used on the forum. If you are a social media marketing manager, scrutinizing the forum guidelines is the most important task.

No Hard Selling:

If you are using any of the available forums on the social media platform, be cautious about your pitch. People who already have presence there is noway interested in your direct sales pitch. Forum administrators instantly track such activities and throw such threads in spam. This platform is specially meant for discussions and debates and thus you need to focus on serious and fruitful conversation there.

Discuss If An Issue Persists:

Need not to panic if the administrator intervenes your post and turns it a spam. Rather indulging in a verbal argument, ask administrator if you have violated any of the stated guidelines in the forums. If you find any such violation at your end, analogize with valid reasons without delay. An ideal thought process should always in your mind to ensure a healthy discussion in such processes.

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Emphasize Your Post With A Signature:

To add more value to your post, you can include an impressive signature line like you use one in your emails. If you a regular member of the forum, you can mention your company with your signature. Adding your signature with the website link help you connect with you. You can however ask your forum administrators if you are allowed to add your link in the signature.

If possible you can add call-to-action in your signature so that users can decide to create a connect with the audience. Although there are a number of resources you can find to explore various standard guidelines, I will suggest you to browse some of the precisely quoted forum posting guidelines here. For social media marketing experts, it's a great practice to think visibly about the prospects of forum posting and its added advantages in business branding.

Give Enough Time To Research On Forum Behavior

Now, let me see the things in a different perspective. After strategic part let's talk about the behavioral part of the forum posting issue. I am stating a number of research factors that will help you to choose the best forum to place your arguments. Here I assume that you already have an idea in your mind to communicate.

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Research Keywords

Before posting an optimized content in a particular forum, you need to decide the primary key phrases and keywords in advance. Make sure that the keywords you are using are relevant to the topic and frequently searched by the end users. You may take advantage of various free and paid keyword research tools. A comprehensive research will give you an opportunity to gain maximum organic search engine traffic. Be generous with keywords while using it into a post. Random stuffing will diminish your prospects.

Relevancy and Interest With The Subject Matter:

Putting general ideas on a specific forum won't yield any result in terms of organic traffic. You can be the part of a meaningful debate if you participate in a forum with a specific niche. In this sort of participation, there is a good chance for you to get noticed. Interest with the subject matter is another specific thing to keep in your mind. Avoid posting repetitive topics in forums that have already been discussed. I always wonder that certain hot topics with controversial threads are discussed more than the monotonous topics. It will always be good to explore new, interesting and fresh ideas to engage the audience.

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