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Guide To Google+ Insights and Statistics

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For a business owner it is quite tough to manage all Google accounts separately when each one is operated through an individual ID and Password. It's pretty critical to manage Google+, Google + Local, AdWords, YouTube, Search, and Maps from one place. Challenges occur when we deal with different Google accounts. Fortunately, Google brings an innovative dashboard with an 'Insights' option that extends an opportunity to organizations to manage different Google Services from one place. The features adds wings to the Google+ marketing services initiatives taken up by the online business owners.

Google Dashboard : A 360 Degree View

Being the second most applauded social network, Google+ offers business owners a platform to escalate their business presence using its Local Google+ Dashboard to change and review their business listings. There are number of parameters available in the dashboard.

The tab helps business owners to define the overall engagement metrics for your Google+ business page.
Top Search Queries:
The tab accommodates the top search terms that helps your business listing being shown up local search results.
Update Toolbar:
It helps to make changes across all Google services from a single destination.
Google Offers and AdWords Express:
As name implies, it helps to manage Google AdWords Express campaigns from one place.

What Google 'Insights' Is All About

This very innovative feature let's users gather a heap of statistical business information. It conveys the way in which users and targeted customers are engaged with your business on Google. If you have a local Google business page on Google, you can access a variety of information including the total number of views on the page, total number of searches done and the top queries used for searching. The top search queries are also used to as the primary apparatus to find your business listings on Google search and Google Maps. The 'Insight' communicates a range of vital information important to

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