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Guaranteed SEO Services : Ranking In BrainPulse Way

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: Dec 18th, 2012 category Press Release

BrainPulse SEO Company is known for its reputation in the service segment of SEO due to its credible service delivery approach and ethical business practices. Our guaranteed SEO services is another gem in our service crown. This service is testimony of our expertise and confidence to rank websites on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A Perfect Service Plan:

Our SEO guarantee is valid for our business and SEO service plans are customized to offer guaranteed top rankings to business websites. These plans are designed to guarantee Top 10 ranking for the targeted keywords on all major search engines.


Our guaranteed SEO plans are abide with stringent guidelines that we need to follow in order to improvise the results in the best manner possible. These guidelines are applied on number of keywords that a SEO campaign targets, which can generally vary from 10-50 keywords. We take guarantee delivered in following cases:

  • If 50% of the targeted key phrases are in the Top 10 on major search engines.
  • If 70% of the targeted keywords are in the Top 20 on major search engines.
  • Our Top ranking service are valid for two or more search engine with Google being mandatory

Guaranteed Money Back:

Although, it is highly unlikely that we will fail to deliver search engine rankings, but if at all we fail to deliver expected results, we will continue our SEO services until we deliver you the final results without any extra charges.

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