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Green Hosting: A Nature Friendly Way to Host

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You may be able to afford to buy the most powerful web server which comes equipped with multiple processors and has the fastest processing speed. However, can you afford to ignore the kind of threat our environment is facing today? The next time you are looking for a dedicated server or a hosting package, keep this in mind and choose a green web hosting company.

Green hosting as the name signifies, is an eco-friendly way to provide web hosting service. Recently taken into action, by a large number of hosting companies, the idea has successfully gained attention from a rising number of green customers. The surmounting popularity enormously shows the quest of being highly environment friendly at all costs.

Green hosting services acts against global warming

Every web hosting company houses numerous data centers in order to store data belonging to thousands of websites hosted by them. These buildings are well fitted with centralized air conditioners and maintain redundant routers along with network backbones and backup packages containing required number of backup power generators. Unfortunately, all these equipments consume massive power which is why, every web hosting company is hugely emanating humongous amount of carbon dioxide. In order to put a halt on the reckless power consumption by such companies, the veteran internet professionals have now decided to turn green. Hardcore steps have been taken to stand against the growing monstrous attack of global warming and ozone layer depletion.

Green hosting saves environment

There is now growing awareness in the world, of the environmental consequences we are facing for years of reckless power consumption and unrestricted carbon dioxide emission. Global warming and the ozone layer depletion are just two of them. In addition, the entire eco-systems are being wiped out because of our continued indifference. However, recently many organizations and individuals have taken up the cause of protecting our environment from further damage and maybe even reverse the effects in some places. The result of these efforts has been the explosion in the number of persons and businesses adopting green lifestyles.

Features of Green web hosting services

Web hosting services providers too are lending their support to this cause by trying to adopt measures that will result in less or no damage to the environment. Some of the ways they are trying to do this are as follows:

  • Buying green energy credits so that their carbon emissions can be offset. Many are also trying to voluntarily reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions their company generates.
  • Investing in cleaner technologies such as new servers that consume less power
  • Investing in green energy such as geothermal energy, solar energy or wind energy. Some companies have their own wind turbines while others use solar panels to generate solar energy.
  • Involvement in reforestation projects. Many companies are also going to paperless offices to reduce the number of trees being cut for the paper manufacturing.
  • Using energy saving appliances for rendering your web hosting services.

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