Tarun Gupta

Grand Deepawali Celebration at IceCube

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Beyond its professional competence in the service industry, BrainPulse is also recognized at its workforce retention mechanism for years. A Deepawali celebration held on November 2, 2010 was just a small testimony of its commitment and pledge towards the employees. The grand celebration, organized at ICE CUBE, Great India Palace in Noida was attended by the every member of the big BrainPulse family including our honorable Managing Director Mr Tarun Gupta. The extreme excitement of employees got the final knock at around 19: 00 PM IST when they finally allowed to enter inside the premises of this very popular pub in the town.

Festive spirit and a blissful behavior has always been a part of the BrainPulse family thus it was no way surprising that within minutes all were at the dance floor. For more than three hours, glimpse of light, dancing legs and thrilling songs were being evident every where. Some moments remain forever in life and certainly our official party at ICE CUBE is one of them.

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