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Google To Add Buy Button To Its Sponsored Product Results

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Google To Add Buy Button To Its Sponsored Product Results

Google is finally ready to take Amazon and e-Bay head-on. Google is almost there to add 'buy buttons' in sponsored product results for mobile search. The roll out will be done in the coming weeks. Clicking the button will lead buyers through Google product pages where they would be able to complete payment and shipping options.

The Wall Street Journal reports that on Google product pages itself buyers will have options to choose color, size and shipping. It will also enable retailers to access customer addresses and other contact details to let them contact shoppers for future offers if they opt in.

To make the shopping appealing and convenient both for shoppers and retailers, Google will ensure Google product and payment pages heavily branded for the retailer. If the shopper is on a retailer's product page, buying recommendations will only be from that retailer.

Besides, Google will handle the payment process independently. The search engine will store the crucial financial details such as users' credit card and other payment information. Retailers will only be able to see the transacted amount in their respective accounts. The payment page will offer several methods of payments, but in case of credit card transactions either Google or the retailer will show up on the statements.

Search Engine Roundtable Writes-

Google Inc. will launch buy buttons on its search-result pages in coming weeks, a controversial step by the company toward becoming an online marketplace rivaling those run by Inc. and eBay Inc. The search giant will start showing the buttons when people search for products on mobile devices, according to people familiar with the launch.
The buttons will accompany sponsored—or paid—search results, often displayed under a “Shop on Google” heading at the top of the page. Buttons won't appear with the nonsponsored results that are driven by Google’s basic search algorithm.


The move clearly indicates Google's wish to make the major shift away from being just a search engine for products. Once the process gets done, Google will be a shopping engine offering products, shipping and payments. The report indicated that many of the niche retailers are already in talks with Google about the service. Experts are of the opinion that with the move Google will take the full advantage of the growing number of mobile searches that outnumbered searches made on the desktop.

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Google's new initiative is a matter of concern for some. They find Google's monopolist attitude a big hurdle in making the plan a big success. A good number of retailers feel that once this plan goes operational, Google will have complete access to the shoppers data that could be used by the search engine for getting more insights on user's shopping behavior.

- Google To Add Buy Button

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Shweta Sinha Says:

It appears Google is positioning itself to be an online commercial center but how Google will keep up the relationships with customers post-purchase?

Karen Axelton Says:

That’s an interesting tackle what Google’s doing, but I oppose this idea.

I don’t accept Google is attempting to tackle Ebay or Amazon to the extent being a real

Anny Joe Says:

Will customers have the capacity to choose favored sizes and colors while purchasing through this feature?