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SEO Alert: Google Tests a New Design for Desktop Search Results

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Google Tests New Design Desktop Search Results

Search engine giant Google is reportedly testing a new freshly revamped look for its desktop search results. As per the reports, the new interface is set to come with a sticky header and a rounded search bar.

A Reddit user spotted the feature being tested and shared it. Though, the feature isn’t visible to many users, some said that they can see the new design while using Chrome on a Chromebook.

You can take the idea of its upcoming design by the screenshot attached here. It’s too early to predict how SEO professionals will react to the change.

google tests new design

Sticky Header:

The image shows that the interface will have a minimal version of the header sticks to the top of the screen as a user scrolls down. It will evidently helpful for the searchers as they can conduct another search without scrolling back up to the top of the screen.

Rounded search bar:

The search bar in the proposed design has sharp corners with rounded edges. Google has been choosey about rounded corners, and this is what proves their love for the same. Furthermore, the “see results about” box is rounder too, but the “top stories” box is not.

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google tests new design desktop search

Smaller logo:

The significant change that appears to be in the new design is a relatively smaller logo. The new logo fits better with the new search bar in this new proposed design.

It isn’t yet confirmed if Google is just testing the feature or having some purpose behind it. Google is always busy in testing, so it’s not a confirmation that the changes will go live once they are made and it will be a permanent change to the look of desktop search results.

Although it’s interesting to note that a possible redesign is being tested. It’s always refreshing for search engine optimization geeks to see Google focusing on desktop search for a change.

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