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Google Starts Showing Google Ads In Image Search

Post By Tarun Gupta Post User Last Updated: May 17th, 2016 category Pay Per Click

Google, the search engine juggernaut is all set to expand reach of its advertisements. Now, images will also be coming in the periphery of Google ads. In a report published in Business Insider, it has been said that, for the first time ever, Google is rolling out advertisements to Google's image search results.

The roll out is starting at a slower pace. In beginning of the roll out, it will show up shopping ads in appropriate image searches. The ads published in Google's image search will occupy an entire line of screen space which would otherwise have been grabbed by images.

According to a Google representative, this ad unit is being introduced because people already use image search as a starting point for shopping. While doing image search, most of the potential consumers asks how can they know about the cost of the product and where they can be purchased from. Now, Google's image search will carry a clearly visible text featuring both the prices and locations where the items advertise can be purchased from online.

The company has officially rolling out the new Product Listing Ads for image search. With Image Search being part of the Google Display Network, your PLAs will be automatically eligible to be displayed in image search results, provided your shopping campaign is opted in to Search partners.

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Syal NI Says:

Awesome. I knew I was missing something in my image searches. Now I’m complete.They’ve also begun offering interstitial ads, and they’re placing ads in the “related content” widget.