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Google Search Console Starts Notifying About Slow Loading Pages

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To warn the webmasters against their slow loading web pages, Google has started sending notification warnings via Google Search Console. The latest warnings are quite different from the previous one’s as Google has taken reference measurement data from the Chrome User Experience Report, and specifically mention the importance of the metrics listed below:

First Contentful Paint:

As per Google, this is the point immediately after navigation when a browser renders pixels to the screen.

Time to Interactive:

The metric denotes the time at which a page is visually rendered and capable of reliably responding to user input.

First Input Delay:

The metric represents the time when a user first interacts with a site, to the time when a browser is able to respond to that interaction.

See below the warning screenshot:

Google Search Console Slow Loading Pages

To note, above are the brand new metrics that Google has been experimenting on its chrome browser since long. The warning indicates that Google is seriously tracking these metrics and using them to measure page speed. This is therefore time for the SEOs to start taking their website speed seriously. This is what Google writes in Search Console warning:

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“Google has noticed that your site’s performance is significantly below average. Results user measurement data from the Chrome User Experience Report shows that pages on your site are slow to become interactive. This can have a severe negative effect on your business metrics and can cause user frustration. Speed is a ranking factor for both mobile and desktop search results. While we don’t disclose the exact factors used for ranking, we recommend using a variety of metrics to understand your site’s performance, including first contentful paint, time to interactive, and first input delay.”

In addition to the warning, Google even offers its expert recommendation to how to fix the speed relates issue. Google suggest webmasters to use Lighthouse to audit pages, fix low performing pages, and update their respective sitemaps.

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