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Google Rolls Out Florida 2 Core Algorithm Update

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Google has finally silenced the speculations around a possible algorithm update. Not only has Google admitted it, but also termed it a big one. Google has confirmed that there is a big Google algorithm update is being rolled out. He said this isn’t a regular update, but a broad core update.

Google Florida 2 Broad core update

Earlier it was speculated that Google might arrive with a huge update, and here it is. Google names the update ‘the Florida Update’.

How Big Is This Google Update?

Various search bigwigs and digital nomads suggest this update is huge and important one. Google has a history of rolling such updates. In the past as well Google incorporated multiple tweaks to its algorithm via such updates to change the way how sites are ranked. There are credible inputs from inside the Google that this update happens to be one of the biggest ones that we have seen so far.

What’s the Goal of This Google Update?

Google time and again states that a broad core update doesn’t target any niche or any particular signals for tweaking website rankings. Even Googler John Mueller denied rumors time and again that Google broad core updates target specific niches in any manner.

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What Is Google’s Broad Core Update?

Google used to roll out Broad core updates to usher improvements to Google’s overall algorithm. It helps Google to understand search queries better. By improvising the search queries, Google manages to accurately match search queries to web pages in order to accelerate satisfaction. With broad core algorithm update, Google aims to improve user satisfaction.

In the past, one of the Google’s noted broad core update introduced Neural Matching. The Neural Matching focused to improve the relevance of the web pages in the search results in order to let the search engine adequately answer a search query.

Why Google Names the Update Florida 2?

The history of this update travels to the year 2000 when Google introduced Florida Update 1. The latest broad core algorithm update therefore gets the named since the algorithm change coincided with the Florida SEO conference organized that year.

Is there any fixes to Florida 2?

The answer is no.

Googler Sullivan referred his remark that he made in March 12, 2018 on broad core updates. In that suggestion, he stated that there is nothing to fix after this update. He said that these core updates are more likely a change on Google’s side and are about relevance of content and/or links to search queries. This is why it’s hard to ascertain why a page from a given website is no longer ranking.

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