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Google July 2008 algorithm update

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Google seems to be at it again, the search engine ranking algorithm seems to be getting updated leaving webmasters and SEO experts anxious with rankings fluctuating like a swing.

Various sources on the internet have revealed that the organic traffic to the websits has reduced, adding the concern of SEO company with the nature of the current Google update.

My personal findings with this update are as follows:

  • fluctuation in rankings at different geographical locations, the results are very vague and lot of website that don't make any sense are ranking.
  • A very strong differentiation between commercial and information based websites
  • websites that are active are given special brownies
  • Another aspect that has come to notice is that websites that are old are rewarded specially.
  • Website information architecture seems to be playing an important role, which means content on the website is user friendly and is easily accessible.

All in all this update is rocking and is giving due credits to credible websites. :mrgreen:

Google Page Rank  update

Google has updated the page rank of the websites, this page rank update has reduced website PR on a very large scale. SO you can check on that.

Google Back Link Update

We have also seen the backlink updated with google, which is always a prelude to the Google Page rank udpate.

Keep your self updated with this Google update as more findings are put on this post.

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