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Google’s Indexing Of Tweets Up By 466%

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Google Indexing Tweets

Earlier this year, Google struck a deal with Twitter that allowed the search engine giant an access to Twitter's massive tweet hose. Initially, Google indexed tweets at a very low rate. Reports at that time mentioned that it was 0.6% of Tweets indexed in February.

But, when the deal started shaping up, the percentage of tweets being indexed became higher. A latest study report from Stone Temple Consulting has a lot to say about the metric.


According to the report, within first seven days between February to June, 466% increase reported in Tweets indexed. In February, just 0.6% of Tweets were indexed and in June that number soared to 3.4%. While suggesting the growth promising, the report added that still more than 96% of Tweets that aren’t indexed.

The report continues with the fact that Google is still biased towards Twitter accounts that retain high follower account and a higher Social Authority. Stone Temple shows in the report that it may not be all about follower count, and there is a correlation between those with higher engagement levels and overall “authority” and indexation.

Stone Temple analyzed the same 900+ user set that they analyzed somewhere in February this year.

Google's indexing of tweet up by 466%

  • Sharad Sharma

    Interesting that 96% of tweets aren’t getting indexed, particularly considering that 99% of tweets are absolutely useless. On the off chance that Google attempted to index all of them, I don’t know whether if it’d be worth it.

  • Kevin Woods

    96% of tweets still go Unindexed, it could be because Google is as yet testing its indexation of tweets and making alterations before indexing all tweets.