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How Google Handles Mixed Content Warning During HTTPS Migration?

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Mixed Content Warning

If your website is undergoing HTTPS migration, you might have faced so many potential issues occurred during the process. Among the most common issues, mixed content warning is something that webmasters talk about quite often. Though, the issue is said to have little impact over the website while HTTPS migration, Google made its stand clear on mixed content warnings.

What Is Mixed Content Warning?

Mixed content warnings appear when a site running on HTTPS has few HTTP elements that are not secure. These elements are most probably the images, videos CSS, embeds and Javascript. For most of the webmasters and website owners mixed content warning is an issue they need a resolution for.

How Google Sees the Warning?

Recently, Googler John Mueller discussed the mixed content waning issue in detail. He says that Google has both HTTP and HTTPS versions of your website. If they come to know that HTTPS version isn’t correct and is popping up with content errors, then Google will pick HTTP version for processing. Mueller made it clear that such content warnings won’t lead to penalty or ranking drop.

John said:

Yeah, it’s still possible we might pick the HTTP version. We use a number of factors in the canonicalization. The redirects do play a big role there. But if we see really strong signs that the HTTP version is actually the one that should be indexed, we might still pick that one for indexing.

How Websites Benefit Out Of It?

The clarification comes as a sigh of breather for webmasters and who do not want to switch over to HTTPS due to many errors that pop up and take time to get fixed. It’s strenuous in case of larger websites where resources are pulled from myriad range of resources.

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Google’s version will ease the dilemma of webmasters who were insecure about mixed content warning that some browsers and browser settings alert users to. These errors quite often results in visitors abandoning the site, especially if they aren’t familiar with the warnings.

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