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How to use Google Disavow Tool to Fight Google Penguin Penalty

Tarun Gupta January 18th, 2014 Search Engine Optimization no comments.

By introducing its Penguin 2.0 and 2.1 updates in a consecutive row, Google has made its intentions loud and clear and that was “my way or highway.” Penguin 2.1 kicked hard at the websites that were involved in link spam of any kind. Not only these updates shuffled the search rankings of millions of the website across the world wide web but also penalized them with a severe dip in rankings and permanent ban in certain scenarios.

This is an educational video by Mr Tarun Gupta, CMD BrainPulse Technologies. Here he covers every aspect of Google Disavow Tools for the webmasters.

What is a Disavow Tool ?

Post-penguin 2.1, the primary attention of the webmasters have inclined towards posing clean and fair backlink profiles. Even Google endorsed their objective of having a cleaner link profile. To do so, Google introduced a Disavow Tool to help webmasters and website owners in cleaning up bad backlinks that point to their websites. Disavow tool was rolled out last year to assist webmasters to clean up their websites from toxic links.

“The Google Disavow Tool was introduced by Google to give webmasters an option to tell Google that they want Google to ignore a few links from certain pages or domains on the web.”

Send Manual Requests Before Using Disavow:

Although, this is the strongest tool Google ever recommended, it's important to set cautions while using and getting most of its benefits. Recall your memories if you have ever gone with spam link building to push your website (s) up in SERPs. Confirm it as well whether or not you have received an advisory mail from Google about the toxic links in your websites. Even Matt Cutts, Head of Web spam, Google suggested in one of his recent notes that before using the tool make multiple link removal requests to the respective webmasters of the websites where your websites are linked. I too will suggest you to send manual requests to the webmasters for removing your links from their sites. If they fail to do so, initiate the tool.

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Important Points To Remember About Disavow:

  • It takes several weeks for Google to consider your request.
  • Google sometimes declines your request to disavow link on some merits.
  • If you by mistake a good link to the list, prepare a fresh list to be sent.
  • When you Disavow links from a subdomain, it only affect links from the subdomain and not the domain as a whole.
  • In your reconsideration request, urge Google that you used their disavow links tool.

To Disavow an entire domain, enter: domain: abc.com
To Disavow specific individual links, enter the full URL of the bad link: https://abc.com/badlink.php

How To Use Disavow Tool:

Following are the steps webmasters may attempt to cleanup your badlink profile using Disavow tool :

  • Login to your Webmaster Tools Account.
  • Click on the website you want to Disavow links from
  • Click on the Traffic menu item in the left hand sidebar
  • Click on the “Links to Your Site” link
  • Click the Download link

The file downloaded will comprise a list of all the pages linking to your website. The file will help you to look at the links and evaluate their worth using Backlink Profiling. Once you have done this, you now have a list of undesirable/toxic URLs with you.

  • Create a new text file
  • Copy and paste in the URL to each website you wish to disavow (one URL per line )
  • Goto the Disavow Links Page in Webmaster Tools
  • Select your website from the list
  • Click Disavow Links
  • Click the Choose file button and upload text file.

A couple of points you need to consider here for sure. It's Google's take to decide which links they will disavow. The list you have uploaded is just suggestive for the search engine. The changes you expect may take weeks to be done after submission of your consideration request.

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