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Google Has Changed The Criteria For AdWords Exams & Certification

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It's coming as a big news for those who are aspiring for having AdWords Certification from Google. Google, the brain behind AdWords is planning some changes to the Google AdWords exams and certifications in Partners. Mini, a member from the AdWords team announced the news on Google AdWords Help.

Google is cutting down the certification period from 2 years to one year. Rodney Hover, an AdWords user posted on Twitter that if you're certified today, that certification is only valid for a year only. The help document reads:

A passing score on an exam is valid for 12 months after the exam date. To maintain your AdWords certification, you'll need to have valid passing scores on at least (1) the AdWords Fundamentals exam and (2) one of the other advertising exams (for a total of at least 2 passing exam scores at any given time).

Mini made two points to elaborate the changes Google made to AdWords:

  • To get the AdWords certification, one needs to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam plus any one of the other AdWords exams (Search, Display, Video, or Shopping.
  • Google has also released a new version of the AdWords *Fundamentals* exam. The version will include the latest changes to AdWords and has a greater focus on best practices.

-Google Changed AdWords Exams And Certification Criteria

  • Mohit Aggarwal

    Yes its true that Google Adwords is going through a major change process. Moreover this parameter of certification lasts for 1 year only will increase an healthy competition between search marketing agencies.Really True facts….

  • Arpita Sinha

    I agree with mohit, It will assemble a sound competition between search marketing agencies. The best change is the feebleness to standard your answers to recheck before exhibiting the exam. Quickly you must make sure as you answer.