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Google Brings New Features to Image Search, Read on

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Alongside a number of key announcements in its I/O summit, Google dropped the hints about how they are going to change the images in image searches. The search giant said that they are now ready to launch higher quality image support, 3D images and the ability to swipe up images from AMP pages.

Following are key takeaways of what Google said about images in SERPs during the I/O summit.

1.High-resolution images:

During the IO, Google announced that they are all set to launch a new program to submit higher resolution images to Google Image search. The program will begin soon, claimed the search juggernaut. The program will allow websites to opt-in images to this program.


Google didn’t utter a word how companies will opt in, but we assume that they will unearth the process through Google Webmaster blog.

In addition to the above, Google also showcased the markup it may put in place for this.

2. 3D Images:

Google also showed up the markup that the search engine can use to communicate pages that have embedded these 3D images. The markup is being tested and hasn’t been released yet to webmaster community.

3. Swipe up to navigate:

We had seen Google testing this feature sometimes back. The feature lets users swipe up from an image search result to explore the list of AMP article associated with that image. Google, at that time said that the feature will be coming soon.


Now, Google is almost ready to bring the feature through image search for users to find AMP pages related to that image.

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How these Image Related Features will Impact?

Since long, Google had been incessantly addressing SEO and Webmasters for paying attention to image search. Images are always the perfect element for searchers to discover new content and information. Images don’t only drive traffic but can also be helpful in conversions as well.

With these images related features in place, Google aims at helping searchers with more robust and fruitful search experience. The idea is also to let marketers get most out of the images they use in promotion and marketing of their brands/products.

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