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Google Announces Google Photos App With Unlimited Storage

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In Google I/O conference, Google has announced its standalone photo app 'Photos'. The app has been launched separately from Google's social network Google+. The app is available to web, iOs and Android device and will offer unlimited free storage for photos and videos. The service will enable users to store full resolution photos of up to 16 MP. In case users store photos of high resolution, they will be compressed without compromising the images original quality.

The service will allow users to store videos up to 1080p for free. If a user is subscribed to paid Google Drive account, he can store videos and photos in full resolution. A new feature added to the services will allow users to press and drag on the screen to select multiple photos and share them with their friends on social networks.

Another feature "Get a link" groups all the images into one Web link. Google Photos automatically groups images of the same person over time as well as allows users to search for images.
The service has a feature Photos Assistant that enables users to create movies, animations, collages or other items by just tapping a button. Using the service users can group videos or photos together by days, months or years. Google Photos syncs across all devices instantly.

Google Photos director Anil Sabharwal says:

"Google Photos will create an entirely new experience from the ground up that will serve as a private and safe place for all images and videos. It can easily organize content as well as make it easy to share."

The new Google Photos app officially separates photos from Google's social network Google+. With this launch, Google photos can be a new equal-opportunity social sharer as Google+. Like G+, Google Photos can be a platform to store photos but goes one step ahead as it allows social sharing with other social networks too.

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Apart from the sharing, the app comes with some great privacy features also. The privacy features include the ability to strip a photo's location from the EXIF data before sending it off to the public Internet. All these features work whether you're accessing Google Photos via its app, or through the web.

-Google Announces Google Photos

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Anny Joe Says:

That is truly awesome, With the new Photos, it’ll permit users to share groups of pictures without requiring the recipient to have the application.

Julie Granville Says:

With its new application, Google appears as though it was presumably simply attempting its best to match up to Flickr. On the off chance that you are an iOS user, then you aren’t generally missing much with the Flickr application.

Shweta Sinha Says:

Great! I used the old photographs to impart child pics to family, utilizing Google locales and shareable links put into a Google drawing. I love the update

Raghav Roy Says:

At long last! Google Photos — another, standalone product that gives you a home for every one of your photographs and videos.

Saurabh Panday Says:

A crisp way to deal with Photos – Very Nice Google!!

Raman Taneja Says:

Google Photos offers boundless capacity and there is no 1TB limit. The limit is just on the resolution of pictures and videos.

Karen Axelton Says:

Google Photos are automatically handled with machine learning and different methods to recognize who and what is in every photo.

Sameer Kapoor Says:

This will be big news for people who share a lot of personal photos or otherwise choose to keep them online…