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Google Analytics Introduces Effective Data Analysis Dashboard

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Google Analytics has always been a fabulous and highly sophisticated tool for webmasters, but a good count of users conveyed their grievances about the complexities in the tool. They told Google guys that it is quite challenging to use analytics in certain situations. In light of all these concerns, Google finally acted. Now, Google has come with a Google Analytics Solutions gallery to rationalize navigation and improve the way of data analysis.

Major Dashboards on Offer

Raising User's Concern Was A Big Concern for Google. What seemed quite hectic with new version of Google analytics was the ambiguous array of filters and customized reports. To overcome the issues, Google appends a quick range of fully innovative dashboards.

  • Social Media Dashboard.
  • Publisher Dashboard
  • Mobile e-commerce Dashboard
  • Site Performance Dashboard
  • Advanced Publisher Dashboard
  • Social Sharing Report

Data Measurement and Analysis made Easy:

The solution gallery hits with a number of innovative features for users. Among other features,you can count on advanced Segments such as Dashboards, and Custom Reports. You can now import these all to your account to monitor if you want to measure key metrics of your website. The idea of launching such an add-on isn't probably new but Google packaged it together to exploit its accumulated benefits.

Nice Interface

What I would really appreciate about the solution gallery is it's quite a nice user interface. Awesome indeed, it offers users an opportunity to select the type of report and the solutions required. It turns the functionalities of marketing functions more rational and easy. The interface is very easy to download and install

Quick Look On Features

Let's take a quick look on the features that solutions gallery offers to Google analytics users.

  • These Solutions keenly focused on campaigns dedicated to branding, e-commerce, lead generation.
  • You have an opportunity to add Advanced Custom Filters for long-tail words ranging from 3 to 6 words.
  • Now you can separate dashboard to analyze your long-tail traffic
  • A very innovative SEO Referring Pages report to view the pages that are sending visitors to your website
  • Find portions of information in a different formats available.
  • Allows you to see the difference between organic and paid traffic to your website.
  • very helpful in measuring device-related bounce-rates and performance.
  • Tenders an opportunity to measure the improvement of content marketing through social channels.

A Lot More To Come:

Although the solutions gallery introduces a good number of at least 31 solutions in the gallery, Google plans to expand it in near future. If you still in the illusion, go to the official Google analytics' solutions gallery and know more.

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Jitendra Shukla Says:

Google always try to offer best user friendly products in order to maintain best outputs for users, Effective Data Analysis Dashboard is one of the product improvement of Google Analytic to segregate huge data.