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Generic Top Level Domains Explained

Tarun Gupta | Aug 1st, 2013 | Web Hosting Resources

Whether you already have a website with your favorite domain name or planning to have one, I hope you already have an idea about the generic top level domains or gTLDs. You are very much familiar about the generic top level domains such as .com | .net | .org | .info | .biz etc. which are unrestricted domains and available with a standard Domain Name Registration Service that any one who are willing to run a business may buy. The article throws an extensive light on the scenario of these gTLDs.


What Is Generic Top Level Domain

If defined in technical terms, a generic TLD is one of the important categories of top level domains used as a suffix at the end of the domain. In order to refresh your knowledge I would add that there are 22 gTLDs available today with approximately 250 country code TLDs (ccTLDs) such as .de and .jp. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) ensures availably of these top level domains to let organizations acquire their namespace for multi-dimensional growth. According to the authorities, plan is under process to launch new generic TLDs for following setups.

For Brands:

There are plans to launch several top level domains to let various brands to endorse their reach. These brands could be corporations, sports teams and other high-profile entities as well. It will not only help them to protect their brands and trademarks but also will improve the brand trust.

For Communities:

ICANN is also planning TLDs for the like-minded communities and organizations who are willing to move ahead with a noble cause. It will help them to share, promote and protect goals and mission of the community.

Type Of Generic Top Level Domain

As per ICANN guidelines, a best web hosting company schedules them in a number of categories. These categories are defined after serious stipulation of the needs and their associated approach in the online business domain. Let's take them one by one.

Unrestricted gTLDs:

As name implies, these are the top level domains openly available for the registration by any person or business establishment. The premier names in the category are .com | .net | .org | .info | .biz etc. Earlier, .info was the only TLD with unrestricted stature but later on-demand others as well joined the bandwagon

Sponsored gTLDs:

Unlike unrestricted top level domains, sponsored domains are proposed and conceived for the privates agencies and organizations that place-in their own rules and stringent conditions to offer eligibility to use these TLDs. Some of the primary inclusions in the category are .aero | .asia | .cat | .coop | .edu | .gov | .int | .mil | .mobi etc.

Geographic TLDs:

Similarly, GeoTLD is a generic top level domain offered to those establishments and institutions who show an association with geographical, geopolitical, ethnic, linguistic or cultural communities across the world. Some of the primary inclusions in the category include .berlin| .wien | .bcn | .bzh | .cym| .eus | .gal | .lat | .africa etc.


List of Generic Top Level Domains → .aero|.biz|.cat|.com|.coop|.edu|.gov|.info|.int .jobs|.mil|.mobi|.museum|.name|.net|.org|.pro|.tel|.travel
List of Generic ccTLDs →


All the above inclusions of several generic top-level domains and their success forced ICANN to establish new top-level domains for various purposes. In coming years you may have hundreds of such domains in the TLD family. The Domain Pricing will probably be unaffected by the inclusions and a service provider may assign the tag accordingly.

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