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How to Generate Business Leads via Instagram?

Tarun Gupta | Dec 9th, 2020 | Social Media Marketing Resources
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Instagram is now more than a social media platform. It has now turned into a social media lead magnet for brands, marketers and budding businesses. It’s estimated that a huge number of Instagram users follow at least one active company or business brand listed on Instagram. This is why content marketers have started looking actively on this platform for generating online marketing leads.

Tips for Lead Generation via Instagram:

Acquiring high quality leads for your business from Instagram isn’t hard if it’s strategically planned. Don’t miss the great opportunities for lead through Instagram. We bring you here a quick insight into few sure shot strategies to maximize total number of leads on Instagram.

Create Lead Capturing Ads:

A buyer is the core of any marketing ecosystem. A business can make decisions if he knows enough about their customers. Lead capturing advertisements help in gathering buyers’ information including email address, date of birth, place of residence, employment status.

The information is crucial as it helps brands to understand users’ preference and buying intent. On the basis of this data marketers can improve their promotional campaigns by intensifying customer outreach.

Use Call-to-Action Buttons:

Offering your buyers a quick to contact you is a great strategy indeed. To accomplish this you can use call to action buttons for your Instagram business account. You can for instance include email address, contact number, office address on your Insta profile.

It will help your potential buyers contact you any time and from anywhere. You can also add action buttons such as Reserve, Book or Get Tickets to direct your customers to a desired transaction.

Optimize Links in Profile:

Instagram offers businesses an opportunity to add product links in their Instagram profile. Being a business you should fully utilize this feature to include various relevant links related to your business. While using this feature you should consider a few points.

It’s recommended to use short links to save space. Using rand links can significantly improve your brand reach. Furthermore, don’t forget to track the links using UTM parameters.

Create an Enticing Landing Page:

Once your customer clicks your link, make sure he is directed to a right landing page. An ideal landing page should be clutter free and must drive an engrossing visual experience to your users / buyers.

Don’t overload the page with content. Instead, include content that is relevant and necessary. An unimpressive and vague landing page may hit conversion downwards if it doesn’t entice your potential buyers.

Use Shoppable Content:

A customer journey is deemed accomplished if the customer purchases the product. However, an unfinished buying cycle does hold a huge value for the marketers. Even though if a customer clicks on a product link but abandon the cart, he or she is still your potential lead or an interested customer.

An abandoned customer journey may deprive you of a sale yet it provides you a great amount of data to analyze. This data unearths a number of great insights about your audience including audience mentality and product interest.

You can use this data to provide your customers curated and hyper personalized shopping content. Personalized offers help you to create strengthened emotional bond with your brand.

Create a Facebook product catalogue. Connect it with your Instagram business profile and sign up for Instagram Shopping. Now as you continue to publish stories and feeds on Instagram, use product tags that provide product information on your stories and posts.

You should also have a mechanism in place to monitor and track product view rates and button clicks. Shopping related content, posts and advertisement help marketers to dive deeper into shopper’s psyche.

Utilize Instagram Contest:

Innovation pays. You can attract Immediate customer attention by organizing webinars, contests and sales sessions. You can also engage them with new offers and discounts, or promotional material. Another great way to bind customers is by holding sales and promotional programs to trigger interest in your customers.

Use Insta Stories Feature:

Instagram Stories is a feature that may prove highly beneficial for the marketers. Instagram allows businesses to include their links in stories and posts. Users tend to explore Instagram stories published by the businesses.

Users just swipe and landing page is opened. To get more visitors heading to your website landing page, add their links to your latest Instagram story. To receive more traction you can embed links of your choice.

Instagram lets you place your stories into ‘Highlights’ section if your latest stories receive humongous views. Important stories are available here to the users who might have missed them.


Instagram is gradually turning into lead generation platform. Brands have aligned their business strategies toward Instagram in orders to boost their content reach and generate hot leads for their business. This translates into product sales and hence business growth. Above are some crucial points that can help you bring to you a plethora of business leads through Instagram.

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