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Flash Based Rich Internet Application Development

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RIA is quite a complex set of application used in a wide range of media including various fonts, bitmap and vector graphics etc. In the digital domain these applications are considered as primary support for various data container formats.

Massive Flash Expertise :

BrainPulse accommodates a competent team of flash experts who use advanced technologies to develop a range rich Internet applications compatible to various devices such as:

  • Rich media range like Flash SWF, SVG, ViewPoint MTS, etc.
  • E-business and publishing section comprising RSS, a wide range of EDI, etc.
  • Graphics counting JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG, etc.
  • Desktop office data counting Adobe PDF, Open Office Microsoft Office 2003, etc

Incredible Advantages of RIA Applications:

In digital service domain, Macromedia Flash plays a significant role. It helps experts to design and develop an extensive range of RIA solutions. Flash Rich Internet Applications offer front end applications desktop software functionality at very affordable rates. Flash Rich Internet Applications allowing effective user experience can give a big boost to your business.

  • Increased success rate of End-User transactions
  • Dropping the expense to Application Development and IT Infrastructure
  • Reforming development
  • Quick and smooth evolvement of Online Businesses in online market sphere
  • Providing better interactive and Real-Time User Experience
  • And many more.

To know more about our Flash web development module, call us now.

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