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Fighting Google Jan 2013 Update – Google Hits SEO Again

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Google Jan 2013 Update

SO Guys the news is out, and Google is out there to get you again. The new Google Update that is just rolled out is something that is scaring the Shit out of every SEO out there.

Why...? Well the reason is simple, There rankings are going for a Toss.

So what does this update look like.

  • To Begin with this update seem to have been hitting local search engines more that Global searches.
  • The Update has hit badly websites/Pages that are building too many low quality links.
  • On local search engines appropriate relevance is now given to Top Level TLD Extensions (com / net / org)
  • EMD Update is as it is, though some webmasters are anticipating this to be a version of EMD update.
  • Its penguin update virtually in full swing

SO Guys is all about LINKS.....

You have few links but quality....you are there where you need to be. But if you thought you could win the race by getting a 100 links you are dead. (pushed to 500)

Fighting Google January 2013 Update

So the big question is what do we do now?

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Well we all need to understand that it's not about spamming any more. You need to actually get there, and market your self, you website you content. The real way, may be the hard way.

Link building is dead. Getting crappy links from just the link building perspective is going to kill your rankings. If you have lost a couple of them now, you will lose more if you think getting more links is going to resolve this.

Fly Below the radar of google

Now What does that mean?

  • You don't want google to think that you are participating in reciprocal link exchange.
  • You need links get from authority websites only, pay them if that what it takes
  • Strengthen your Social media presence, distribute more content and write something that people like and understand and can relate to.
  • Participate in Industry Blogs and Forums
  • Work on your website content add more value to your information pool.

Well it does not end here...

At Brainpulse we have devised a Google Panda / Penguin Compliant SEO Plan which take care of everything said above and much more. Take a look at it to get more idea of what i am talking about. And if you feel you need us to help you with this, just get in touch.

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The Idea is simple, Lets get to the Top of Google.

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Sumant Says:

Still no official communication from Google but speculations are there to endorse content marketing as the buzzword this year. No fluff, no crap but precise content text is going to win the forefront. Are webmasters listening ?

Rajeev Says:

I am not completely agree with you Mr. Tarun. I am Just waiting for the Google official announcement. I think we should wait for the true reason.

Tarun GuptaTarun Gupta
Tarun Gupta Says:

It has also come to notice that keywords in the url are making an impact on search results.

Tarun GuptaTarun Gupta
Tarun Gupta Says:

Guys this is only going to get adventurous, tighten your seat belts..

Reet k Says:

It was mentioned that due to this update TLD domains will be effected along with such sites which contains too many backlinks in SEO, but after updation no where was mentioned that such sites affected or not..

but major changes in TLD searches have seen..

Prime Aque Says:

Hi, you are right… link building is useless if these links are low quality. Few high quality links from authoritative sites are worth the effort because the effect for SEO would last. There more high quality backlinks, the more we can build out authority on search engines, as well.

Right now, am narrowing down the focus… as I understand that social media, and link building is about participation and connection… I selected 3 or 4 to focus – that’s social bookmarking (social media) which is twitter and stumble upon, guest blogging on niche blogs at least once a month, and blog commenting.

Connections, connections, connections – that’s what am looking for!


SEO Outsourcing Says:

Google has a new search algorithm “Hummingbird” this September -2013. I think this is major update in Google algorithm. 80% effects of E-commerce site and 60 to 70% effects of Business websites. Last year Panda, Penguin and other updates were changes to parts of the old algorithm . But “Hummingbird” look like a 8.9 Earthquake. More effected SEO services and SMO parts