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Features Of An Online Job Portal

Tarun Gupta | Aug 26th, 2013 | Web Development Resources

The advent of globalization has opened up windows for success for those who have a will to achieve their dreams. Now they can explore their dreams and choose their favorite job and chase their dreams just by using widely available online job portals available widely. While searching their dream job seekers look forward to get associated with a job portal that offers them maximum functionalities and features that reduce the complexity in their job search. That is why a Job Portal Solutions should accommodate utilities and features vital to the users. The article is an illustration and complete insight to get the idea about the most important inclusions in the portal

Features A Job Portal Must Include

Before involving in the feature listing I do believe that being a user you come across a number of standard features in a particular portal. You always expect its services should be available round the clock. Aspirants explore job listings from every possible vertical using step-by-step guidance for searching and applying. If you are a Web Development Services expert, let's attend the list you should adhere to while developing the website/portal.

An Innovative Front Site Layout:

Alike other web portals, a job portal should also have unique and striking web layout. It is very important because until users find connect with the landing page of the portal or other internal pages, he won't browse it anymore. You should ensure that your job portal contains improved and highly user information friendly web layout. A cluttered and tedious page disinterest people to visit your site next time. A precise portal must include striking features such as:

  • Advanced and user friendly features
  • Appealing visibility with comfortable user interface
  • Excellent paid customers support
  • Easily customizable

Solid Member Features:

Being a Dedicated Web Developers you would have developed a good number of websites with great features. However, it is significant to understand that the portal interface must be developed having in mind certain important points about the users that include general visitors, registered users, moderators and website administrators. The portal should have following features for sure:

  • Comprehensive job search functionality
  • Multiple search option based on keywords
  • Location based search options
  • Ajax based search modules
  • Category-based jobs filtering
  • Forum Discussion Boards

All these integrated features ensure a portal as a complete package for the users. Irrespective of the platforms used or web development methodology applied

Features For Job Seekers:

Beyond every utility, a Web Development Company involved in the job portal development should think upon the primary features for the job seekers in the solution. Among other important utilities such as easy registration process and advanced job search functionalities, user control panel to manage the information, location-based job search, job subscription alerts and RSS feeds for saved job searches.

Video Resume Upload:

If you offer a facility to allow job seekers add their video resumes, it will help them to explain their credentials in the most specific manner possible. If you are planning a job portal, giving subscribers an opportunity to upload their video resumes won't be a bad idea indeed.

Social Connect:

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn has been growing as a vast platform to share thoughts and subscribe information. LinkedIn is probably the biggest professional network that the let professionals intensify the job search at one place. Whether you are using .Net development or open source technologies, make sure you give enough importance to social signals and integrate Facebook and LinkedIn.

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