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Facebook Rolls Out A Browser Version Of Its Messenger App

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Years back, Facebook had bought the domain messenger.com without having any clue how it will be leveraged in future. Now, the company upped the domain to launch its messenger on browser. The messenger client that so far was a part of facebook.com home page, will run standalone here.
With this integration, facebook might pitch users to use messenger business integration that Zukerberg announced in F8 summit recently.


Messenger business integration was announced in the summit a week back to give users a way to communicate with businesses directly within the Messenger app. The API for the integration is already accessible to the third party developers. Now, companies can integrate Messenger as a way to provide customers purchase information, shopping specifications, receipt and shipment tracking details.

Back to the topic now. The browser version of the messenger is currently available in English and soon may start supporting other languages as well.

To open the messenger on the browser, just login to messenger.com with your existing Facebook credentials. It will automatically fetch your current chats and display them in full-screen, making image, sticker and GIF shares in visually appealing manner.

You can also make calls using telephone or video button at the top right menu bar. It opens a call interface in a new window users click either option. On the upper left corner, you've a setting button icon that allows you to make setting adjustments, such as sound and desktop notifications. From here only, you can manage your Blocked list.

-Facebook Messenger For Browsers Launched

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Manoj Khanna Says:

You can make audio or video call on messenger.com by clicking the symbols on the upper right parcel of each contact’s talk window. Messenger.com doesn’t require a mobile app to be installed in the user’s smartphone. Group chats can also be start by tapping the + icon..

Shweta Sinha Says:

Desktop version of Facebook messenger is an awesome highlight; it will
help to make it simpler for us to stay in contact with companions and
customers without getting sucked into a time vortex.