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Facebook Changes Its Cost Per Click Measurement

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To give more power to the advertisers, Facebook has made key changes in its Cost-per-Click (CPC) measurement. In its official Facebook for Business post, the company has announced the changes. The announcement is the part of social network's new ads application-programming interface. Now onwards, the social network will consider the following factors as link clicks:

  • Clicks to visit other websites.
  • Call-to-action clicks that go to other websites, such as “shop now.”
  • Clicks to install applications.
  • Clicks to Facebook canvas apps.
  • Clicks to view videos on other websites.

With the changes proposed, Facebook is willing to help advertisers to understand how their ads perform against their objective. Currently, CPC takes into account any click within an ad unit whether it's a like, a comment, a share or a click to a website. But, over past few years, Facebook has revamped its ads in order to help advertisers meet specific business objectives.

The latest Facebook Cost Per Click Measurement has been made to observe how advertisers are bidding so they can better optimize their campaigns against their stated ad goals.

Once the update goes live, advertisers will be able to see better return on advertising spend, since they’ll be paying for only the most valuable outcome. By separating link clicks from engagement clicks, Facebook has helped advertisers to spend budget more efficiently no matter if they bid for clicks or engagement.

The update could lead to some change in campaign reporting metrics related to clicks. Now, CPC may increase, but will be more valuable as it counts only the clicks advertisers need. The change may also decrease click-through rate because the CTR will no longer factor in the additional clicks.

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Chris Ronald Says:

Much appreciated facebook. This update is precisely what my customers and I have been hoping for! It will make split testing and optimization so much easier.

nagendray90 Says:

Good news!! Happy it has changed to really being actual CPC to website and not clicks on photographs or clicking on “comments” on the advertisement.

Sameer Kapoor Says:

shouldn’t something be said about CPA? Is it accurate to say that you are gonna kill it since now CPC has essentially the same behaviour?

Deepak Thakur Says:

I think In Fb native videos ads there is no CPC bidding option… I could not find it.