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How Business Pages Can Survive Facebook Algorithm Changes?

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How Business Pages Can Survive Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes?

On 21st April 2015, facebook announced few key changes in its existing news feed algorithm. There were three changes proposed to improve the user experience of the users on this #1 social networking platform.

In its announcement Facebook says that they are all set to fuel the news feed with the content that matters the most to the users. The main aim of the update is to give users the right mix of updates from friends and public figures, publishers, businesses and community.

Why Facebook Launched The Update?

The algorithm change happened as Facebook received several thousands user feedback and requests for serious improvements in news feed. The three changes that Facebook made to the news feed are:

  • Offering more content to the users who don't have enough content to browse through.
  • Ensuring more and more of that content in your news feed that your friends directly post.
  • Make stories about your friends liking or commenting on a post appear lower down in News Feed or not at all.

In the announcement, Facebook indicated that though the update was rolled in for betterment, it might negatively impact post reach and referral traffic for business pages. As soon the update went live, business pages reported major drop in their appearance in the news feed. The algorithm sparked a major row as unless pages started using paid ads and boosts, nobody would see their posts.

What To Do?

Don't get panic of this latest algorithm if it's affecting your pages. There are ways to beat the heat and keep your business pages rocking despite the update.

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Choose Right Time For Your Posts:

This is crucial to research demographic details of the audience you're connected to. Keep finding the times when your audience visit your page the most. Follow the trends throughout with some analytics tools. Make sure that your audience continues to see your posts.

Keep Posting Quality Content:

Don't try to throw fluff uselessly to engage audience. Your audience is not going to see it. Unless your business page is offering something valuable and constructive, you won't be noticed. Make sure that each post you share should deliver information and knowledge base to end users. Share content for your audience and not for the news feed.

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The latest Facebook algorithm will hold page owners accountable for posting content that audience finds important and vital. To make it working in your favor distribute great content to the right people at the right time.

- How To Survive Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes?

  • Gary Brich

    One of the primary reasons people come to Facebook is to see what’s going on in their News Feeds. At the point when people see content that is pertinent to them, they’re more prone to be locked in with News Feed, including stories from organizations.

  • Shweta Sinha

    Many organizations use business pages as a customer service channel. Businesses ought to consider their Page as a foundation of their online personality, not just as a distributed administration.

  • Kevin Woods

    Much thanks to you. This article was extremely useful in understanding what’s going on. Another inquiry I’ve had…is there a possibility that business pages will have the chance to like and comment on different business pages. Experts encourage us to interface with others on FB however business pages don’t have that alternative. Thanks!

    • Mehak

      They do. You must be signed in as page. There you have totally new course of events with posts of pages you enjoyed with your page. It’s a different world out there.