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Email Marketing Remains The Key In 2016, Here Is Why

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Email Marketing Remains The Key

Being a digital marketer, my closeness with email marketing is well-known. I never admit any such claim that downplays the power of email marketing. I always had finer arguments to support my proximity with this mode of marketing.

Amidst the rage of of SEO, PPC and Social Media, emails are still the most farsighted method to develop audience outreach. And I am not vague while saying this as I have solid statistics to prove the point. Here we go:

Whether desktop or mobile, Emails do matter

Your audience may have been migrated to Smartphones from Desktop, but, their attitude towards emails is remain unchanged. Essentially, emails and messages are equally dominant for audience engagement, but I prefer emails. Reading text messages become tedious if they go beyond the limit of the text length. This is why, marketers are bound to shorten their message to comply the length.

That makes the whole communication chaotic and confusing at occasions. On the contrary, emails may have unlimited word count that lets recipient get into the essence of that communication unambiguously. If given a choice between email and SMS, I prefer emails, as replying them doesn't cost a penny, but an SMS does.

People like to stay informed via emails

Tell me any other method that stay you updated about the next digital marketing seminar in your town, its venue, details, invited guests and table of contents. Here, an SMS can't help. Such updates need series of emails that educate and engage the audience. Email sequences can pack a lot of good information, for both marketers and consumers.

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Emails may complement any other platform, effortlessly

Email marketing rightly complements all other digital marketing platforms. If you set to launch a social media campaign to promote your brand, you'll email your customers. A change in your PPC strategy would also require instant update to your clients via email, and the list goes on for webinars, branding and promotion etc. You can't tell me a better strategy than email marketing for solid customer outreach.

Best returns on investment, as always

If ROI is all that you need, you can't beat email marketing. Being one of the most affordable modes of marketing, it reduces the extent of loss. Just compare it with other expensive marketing modes such as pay per click marketing or TV ads, if your campaign bombs, your loss doesn't turn into a disaster. Big thanks to its affordability.

Email marketing converts better, statistics say

Even statistics back what I say. If they are to be believed, email marketing converts 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter. If you shoots off campaign with a perfect mailer content, captivating images and strategically placed call-to-action buttons, your email campaign will fetch amazing audience. It will improve campaign's open rate and click through rates as well.

  • Rahul Joshi

    email advertising is not dying out, but rather turning into a more focal component in web promoting effort. Nonetheless, for it to work for your business, it is basic to stay up to date with advancements and exploit new projects that can get the most out of your email records.