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Key Ingredients Of An Email Marketing Campaign

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Like a delicious meal that requires ingredient to be mixed in a right amount, an email does need components placed rightly. Emails sent in hurry or without proper planing are more likely to meet the junk or bin folders. For businesses who seek more buyers, email marketing campaigns are significant. Since, recipients are critical about unwanted mails piled up in their inbox, their open rate is drastically low. So, it's important to have all email components in place for your campaign success.

What Makes An Email Marketing Campaign A Sure Shot

I have been through hundreds of e-mail campaigns so far, so I can tell you what really matters for an email that rocks. I can list three things out of many that I feel are crucial while designing a campaign. They are:

  • Strategy and timing
  • Mailer Content
  • Design
  • Segmentation

Let me explain the above one by one.

Objective And Timing:

Objective of your email lays foundation for your email campaign. Every business has its own reason for sending out emails. Reasons could be: welcome, re-engagement, abandoned cart, newsletter, new content, discounts etc. Every email is written and send around one of these. It's up to you to set your underlying email marketing strategy and objective. Therefore, while triggering the send button, be clear about:

  • Why are you sending this email?
  • How does it benefit your audience?
  • What message are you trying to send?
  • What are your goals associated with this email?

If you haven’t yet decided over the objective, pause for a while and think about your approach to the email marketing.

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Content Of The Email:

An email written to pursue the readers' test gets maximum attention. That means, an email written having audience in mind more likely see an impressive open rate. While composing an e-mail, ensure that it would deliver value to the recipient. Better to ask yourself pretty simple questions before preparing an e-mail:

  • Does that content target the right person?
  • Does that content deliver information readers need?
  • Does that email content fulfill the needs of the recipients?

If a subscriber clicks your email, you're halfway done. Now, how you've addressed the issues in the email and how they're helpful to audience are the factors that would lead to conversion. Unless, readers find your email compelling and relevant, they won't respond to your call-to-actions. Good content key to communicating your core message and getting your point across.

Emailer Design:

In addition to compelling content, design of your emailer also invites attention. In an email marketing campaign, what matters the most is how you organize the mix of content, graphics and links altogether. It's important to ensure that your email doesn't look cluttered and lost. If you're not good at emailer design, go for an expert who can design your email. However, here are some points you shoud have in mind while desiging the email.

  • Don't overuse images and links in mail
  • Use visible and clear call-to-action buttons
  • Make your mailer CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Make it easy to unsusbcribe
  • Avoid using CSS in mails

Personalization and Segmentation:

As suggests, segmentation and personalization bring the whole idea of a successfull email marketing together. They together help you to develop dynamic content and segmented lists. They send signals to reciepients that you’ve thought about their needs and care about building a personal relationship with them. When you personalize and segment the list, you send the campaign to only those who are really interested in subscribing that.

  • Syal NI

    Your Email Marketing Campaign objective ought to extremely strict characterized in conversion terms. This doesn’t mean be exhausting and dull however to plan your email to draw out the core message clearly and help readers skim through it, some assistance with evening in the event that they would prefer not to experience the whole content. Keep it straightforward, applicable and focused.

  • Adam Dulin

    You have to test and measure your execution at each point to go to the best version of your mail. Try not to limit yourself to differing only one parameter at once.

  • Sameer Kapoor

    Before you begin to write, define what you want to achieve with the mail and make it easier for them with call-to-action buttons and links, anything from “Play now” to “Read more”…