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Key Features Of An E-Mail Validation Software

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Email marketing is a method of online marketing which uses email as a mode of communication between two users. But, one thing which needs to be noticed here is that it cannot be performed manually, usage of email marketing software is a major pre-requisite attached with email marketing for drawing visible results of. Among such softwares, email validation is one such software which helps in validating email address to an acceptable and recognizable form.

Why Email Validation Software Is So Significant?

Nowadays, email validation is considered as an imperative tool for improving and ensuring the accuracy and validity of email addresses in the database. An Email Validator tool has the capability of handling large volume of addresses, verifying email and weeding out invalid addresses by using an advanced technology. Email validation software certifies that email address should contain valid characters only (characters like &, $ * are invalid) which further avoids it being going into a spam list. Improving the quality of email addresses by sorting out bad addresses is very much possible by employing email validation tool.

Key Features Of An Email validation software

  • This software aids in detecting error instantaneously and, thus prevents from using inappropriate email addresses.
  • This software works in the best manner by showing compatibility with almost every application that is easily accessible via internet.
  • Unlimited size of email list can be handled easily provided that email list should be available in registered version only.
  • Helps in reaching to the target audience in a much desired manner by keeping a check on the spam list and reducing bounce back and undelivered mails.

Nowadays, every organization is employing this software because of the certain benefits which eventually results in increasing customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits are described below:

  • Validate existing email addresses.
  • Increases reliability of information related to contact address, etc.

MailVerify is one of the most advanced validation software which is used to get validate mail in the mailing lists. It is pertinent to disclose the fact that email validation cannot be carried out with 100% foolproof accuracy, yet application of MailVerify software can keep a check over wrong addresses in the database by 70% or more.

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