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Major Domain Name URL Conventions

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If you are planning to launch an e-business, having a domain name is the primary factor. Make sure that the domain must adhere domain name and URL conventions available as an standard in the domain.


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Generic Top Level Domains Explained

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Generic Top Level Domains

Generic top level domains are now being used widely by individuals and organizations for numerous business purposes. These TLDs most likely offer an opportunity to them to expand their business under the respective vertical with any restrain.


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Tips To Choose Your Domain Name

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Domain Registration Tips

Choosing a domain name isn't an easy task indeed however a clear wit to tackle the mess and a dedication to have a unique business presence. Mentioned in the article are several factors that you need to take care of while opting a domain name most feasible for your business needs.


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Relevant Domain Names Add More To Your Business

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Domain name registration is an initial phase if you want to start an online business. It is always recommended to consult an experienced domain name provider to get an idea about the domain name(s) that suit your business.


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Think Before buying High Page Rank Domain Names

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domain name

A buyer must know and understand that such expensive domain names can have multiple issues as well and hence, caution must be always paid by the buyer. First of all, it is important to understand that a high pagerank does not mean that site has been indexed by Google already.


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The Art of Selecting Suitable Domain Names

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cursor pointing at http www text in browser address bar

As soon as the user type in the domain name in the url box, the DNS server starts searching the requested registry for the domain. Now, the registry runs its research and provide the detail of the name servers that has the particular domain registered under its name.


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Online Identity Theft : Did Someone Steal Your Domain?

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securing a domain is much more complicated than buying one. Hackers are present everywhere to hack it and put it to their use. Earlier, the fear was restricting to single computer, or a home network, but now they are incredibly smart.