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Digital Marketing Fundamentals Every SEO Should Know

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Post covid, SEOs, and marketing professionals have intensified their efforts to recover the business growth that tanked during the pandemic. They are restructuring their budget allocations and optimizing available resources to fuel the growth in 2022.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Marketers

In addition to the budget allocation, understanding the latest digital marketing trends and strategies can also help you maximize your campaign performance this year. To help marketers and SEOs with marketing basics, we have covered some of the very essential elements of digital marketing.

Audit your existing Digital Presence

Marketers work incessantly to build their digital assets. These assets may include content, business listings, social media profiles, product/service websites, and other assets. Paid placements are also an important digital asset until you stop paying for the listings.

It’s vital to actively monitor and review your digital assets and earned media. Use monitoring tools to track brand mentions, relevant social content, online reviews, and inbound links.

It will help you explore a clear picture of your overall digital presence. You can also analyze social listening, search insights, and reputation monitoring to understand the current presence of web presence.

Understand How Search Works

Over the years marketers have adopted SEO as a full-fledged activity instead of a standalone digital marketing channel. If you run an online business, you must have a firm grip on the way search engines work.

It will help your marketing team optimize your website content for better visitor footfall content. Diving deeper into how search works can give you a better idea about how people search the keywords and consume content.

The more you understand the complexities of search engine crawling and indexing, the more you will be able to structure and optimize your websites and pages for maximum search visibility. Discover how search engine algorithms rank content

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By knowing how search algorithms rank content, you can optimize content and find and fix other issues that prevent websites from ranking higher.

The Essense of Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. The motive behind the analysis is to get insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Comprehensive competitor analysis helps your brand on multiple fronts. It enables you to find ways to optimize your business strategy and have an edge over the competition.

Before launching a digital marketing campaign, you must have answers to a few questions about your competitors. Find out if their products the same as yours, What is their pricing positioning like, and what are the unique selling points (USPs) of their products, etc.

A successful competitor analysis will help you in having informed decisions about budget allocation to the content types, ad networks, and campaigns.

Content Production

Content is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. SEOs and marketers never underestimate the value proposition of quality content. You can easily understand the importance of content for campaign success by the fact that marketing agencies are now hiring dedicated teams to manage content writing and marketing initiatives.

But this is not a hard and fast rule for every agency. Your content production strategy depends on your organization and the scope of your content needs. An ideal content production team will comprise people, processes, and tools. It will help you create and promote optimized content whenever required.

Online Advertising

Organic search is unarguably the best way to bring valuable traffic to your website. However, a marketer’s inclination to paid promotion is no more a secret too. There are multiple opportunities available for marketers in online advertising including display ads, native ads, and paid social media advertising, etc.

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A digital marketer should understand the online advertising fundamentals. It includes the understanding of to understanding of paid media pricing models (CPM or CPC), advertising platforms available, and different types of ad creative (text, video, and imagery) available.

Social Media

Among many channels being used for audience outreach, social media is still the prominent one. It enables marketers to engage potential customers and make your brand discoverable.

Social media platforms may vary in features, yet having a presence there is always rewarding. Most of the businesses are present on platforms like Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn. It opens up the door to more business engagement and business partnerships.

Customers rely on reviews and feedback about brands on social media platforms before buying a product and service. They refuse to connect with a brand that is found to be unauthentic and less responsive. Therefore monitoring social brand mentions and responding to the feedback whether positive or negative is the key to getting the more happy customers on board.

Social media platforms have now become a tool to provide seamless customer support. Be proactive while responding to customers. Your brand must have clearly defined customer service and issue resolution processes to make interaction conclusive and fruitful.

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