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How To Develop A Better Influencer Marketing Strategy

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The idea of rounding up influencers for boosting content virality is nothing new, but in the current digital marketing landscape, it's nearly impossible to ignore the idea of Influencers. A successfully content marketer always align his content distribution strategy with the right taste of Influencer marketing. This is the only way to begin with collaborative content creation efforts and conceiving ideas from chatter across a wide online networks.

The most prominent question here is how can marketers increase the visibility of their content through Influencer marketing. With this article I am fetching some key points that are crucial to your influencer digital marketing strategy:

Be Clear With Your Goals :

Influencers indeed could be an asset to your content distribution program. But, reaching out to everyone randomly who may help you isn't a good idea. Before going to some miles with an influencer strategy, you should be ready with a plan defining your goals and objectives. Having a proper long term vision for a strategy would help you in measuring success. Prepare a list of those people who could magnify your content further, and reach out to them one by one.

Identify And Organize Influencers :

Influencers have their own worth and repute, thus they can't spare time for every marketer who approach them. The better ideal would be to categorize them into a list as per their availability for your blog. When you finish the list you'll have a clear insight about how many of them may help you. Let's suppose you have ended up with 3 categories A, B and C containing the name of industry experts who can be part of influencer marketing program.

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You can't simply get them in who are in category A, as they are the busiest people with massive fan following. So, concentrate on category B and Category C where you can find influencers who may act as subject matter expert for your blog. They will be the right people talking about you online. If you successfully do that, they can draw in an audience that is interested in your services.

Build A Relationship With Influencers:

It's annoying to start emailing influencers as soon you're ready with a list. Be courteous and tell them that you’re actually interested in having them at yours. Wait for their response. Start engaging them first with comments on their blog posts or engagements via social media channels. It will help you having deeper connection with influencers. The deeper you convince them, the more they’ll be able to join your content creation program.

Personalize Your Communication:

Do keep in mind, it's not about sending random emails to a bunch of people, but an attempt to communicate distinct individuals. When sending a message to the influencers add a personal touch and address them as subject matter experts. Acknowledge them their expertise being the influencer, and tell them how you came across them. Before approaching them, go through their recent activities on social channels to visualize where they are, what they are doing, and what they are talking about. So that you can gather an idea if this is the right time to interact.

  • Mehak

    If you’re developing an influencer marketing strategy to support your brand, understand that honesty is always the best policy. It’s important not to avoid the terms of your working agreement

  • Raghav Roy

    Thanks a lot! That’s what I was looking for. I’m going to put in practice some of the things I’ve read on this topic.

  • Rahul Joshi

    Once you have recognized a list of influencers, organize them based on who you think will have the most impact, centering your efforts on only a couple at once. You will then need to make sense of how to build a relationship with those influencers.