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Dedicated Server Buying Tips

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For an online business, growth is everything. It may be in the form of traffic or revenue. When data becomes voluminous and resource crunch haunts your business, be prepared to give dedicated servers a free and fair trial. Dedicated servers are the perfect remedy for larger businesses and e-commerce ventures. The need of the dedicated servers depends on the business requirements. It provides an unparalleled, robust hosting environment to the business owners when it comes to handling their complex websites and critical e-commerce applications.

Choose A Dedicated Server Wisely

I firmly believe that a Dedicated Servers Hosting can certainly add more to your business. However, it is increasingly important to scrutinize a number of factors before buying the servers and other resources. The article is a full fledged description of the factors that are significant for the businesses who are looking forward to purchase dedicated servers.

Go For The Managed Hosting Only:

When you plan to purchase dedicated servers make sure that you procure the same from a managed hosting service provider. Only a managed hosting provider can take care of the servers in the best manner possible. A company that deals in the managed hosting, takes care of the server management capabilities well. From very server installation to server maintenance, service provider uncovers every possibility to offer you the best services such as

  • Server monitoring
  • Server security
  • Security audits
  • Software firewall
  • Storage management
  • Database Management
  • Backups & more

Apart from the list above you may ask for the additional services utilities from your service provider. These add-on services include dedicated server security, maintenance, and troubleshooting. These services vary from one provider to another, that is why you must consider your service requirements and budget constraints before buying one.

Check For The Data center Facilities:

I assume here that you have an idea about the Data Center Services and its advantages to the web hosting domain. You may analyze the service efficacy of a dedicated server provider just by observing the data center facilities it over. Although data center is a comprehensive term, yet you may clearly distinguish the provider on the following terms.

  • Availability Of Redundant bandwidth
  • Power Redundancy Features On Offer
  • On-site security Facilities
  • Cooling and Power systems

Check The Server Downtime:

While searching for the dedicated servers, check out the tier structure of the data center. These technology hubs offer services in a tiered format and every tier has a particular downtime per annum .

Tier 1 Data center has annual Downtime approx. 29 Hrs
Tier 2 Data center has annual Downtime approx. 22 Hrs
Tier 3 Data center has annual Downtime . 2 Hrs
Tier 4 Data center has annual Downtime approx. 0.5 Hrs

As the list suggests Tier 4 is probably the best data center one can hire. This is considered as the best one for dedicated servers if you can afford a good budget for uninterrupted service.

Remote Reboot Capability:

A good service provider provides remote reboot ability with perfect dedicated server support. This is a capability where one can start a server from a remote location. For a big data center is an important asset to follow. If your service provider offers you this capability, not only you may start your server remotely but also perform software updates and server maintenance from your end as well.

Content Delivery Network:

If you are willing to go for a perfect dedicated server provider, a data center provider with a robust content delivery network or CDN will be quite beneficial for your service. It will ensure fast and efficient delivery of content over websites.

Technical Support:

Last but not the least. Technical snags and faults cannot be ignored with a dedicated server establishment. When you pay for a dedicated server or Best Virtual Private Server Hosting, make sure that you get robust technical support 24x7 from expert technical support executives on-board. If possible, you can demand a signed document regarding the troubleshooting support.

BrainPulse, a renowned Web Hosting Services provider provides a wide range of dedicated Server Hosting Plans with guaranteed server uptime, optimum resource utilization and round the clock technical support from experts.

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