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Customer Reviews And Ratings Are Important For SEO

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Unless your product or service get good user recommendations and customer reviews, you can't get required business benefits. For a business to flourish, customer reviews are important. It's an open fact that two third of online users make their shopping choices after reading positive or encouraging customer feedback about a product. They go through reviews and be prompted to take immediate action. Customer reviews affect on-page conversion rates as well.

Dedicated And Embedded Customer Reviews Work Well

These are two ways to feature reviews on a website. They are dedicated reviews and embedded customer reviews. It's up to you which one you prefer. An e-commerce portal having bunch of products in showcase bats for dedicated product-based reviews. On the contrary, a B2B service provider looks for embedded customer reviews.

Regular Reviews May Act As Fresh Content

Allowing customer reviews on your website frequently may bring opportunity to see a regular stream of content on your website. Since Google loves fresh content on the website, those reviews would be seen as updated content. Though, they won't be of much help in search rankings, they will attract more visitors, which may boost conversion rates.

They Bring Keyword Opportunities

Online customer reviews are written in a natural language, so they bring an opportunity to have keywords based content on your individual pages. It helps in increase rankings. Though you can't have control over your customer reviews, you can leverage them for the ranking as they'll feature some of the most important phrases associated with your products. To see your pages rank well in search engines on certain keywords, you can encourage specific types of reviews from your users.

They Make Search Position More Visible

This is technically called Microformatting. Using on-site reviews can improve your website rankings and may help you make your search position more visible. The microformatting approach lets you communicate Google if there is a rating system associated with your products. After getting that bunch of information, Google creates rich snippets of information to display to users in the search results. More the ratings reviews have, more the clicks they get.

Local SEO and Off-site Reviews

Beside on-site reviews, local SEO and off-site reviews are also good for search engine optimization campaigns. It has been evidently known in SEO circles that off-site SEO and more positive reviews in third-party directories will be helpful in having a place in the local 3-pack.

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Adam Dulin Says:

This is brilliant – Local reviews are really important for local SEO. The primary reason for the
importance of online reviews is that users love and trust online reviews. I am concentrating on
local seo and wonder how to add reviews to a site. thanks

Seerat kaur Says:

Online reviews are important for boost ranking in local search engine and it helps to consumers purchasing decisions…

Shiv Jaiswal Says:

Hello, rating and reviews with schema coding are more impressive as they show STARS in SERP. You can also show number of ratings and name of review provider in SERP. Showing rating star in SERP show vital impact of CTR% and hence good ranking & high conversion. Thanks

Tory Anders Says:

I never knew that Customer Reviews And Ratings Are Important For SEO. It was astonishing to read that Unless your product or service gets good user recommendations and customer reviews, you can’t get the required business benefits.