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How To Create Impressive Mobile Friendly Content?

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Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile phones have conquered the human race, and they are here to stay. People are now using this amazing device for almost everything. For reading, texting, mailing, browsing and shopping, people have started using smartphones in every way possible. Mobile friendly content is a wise idea for businesses to capture the attention of those who are on mobile. Let them see, feel and engage with the business using their mobile phones.

Ingredients Of Mobile Friendly Content:

There are three standard ways to create connect to the audience via mobile friendly content. They are – a responsive website, a mobile-focused website or a mobile app. They help your potential audience to reach out to your services and products on the go. But, having a mobile app or responsive website alone won't deliver any value to you unless their content is optimized for mobile devices. In this article, I will discuss some points how you can pick and weave important ingredients together to ensure content compatible with all mobile devices.

Touch-Friendly Design:

Mobile phones have relatively smaller screens and don't have cursors. This makes harder for users to click a certain element on a webpage. To avoid this inconvenience, you should go ahead with a touch-friendly website design. Here is how you can do that:

If you haven't started yet, start adding touch-friendly elements like carousels, accordions, panels and drawers in your mobile website. While creating touch targets, go with the rules provided by various mobile platforms. Take advantage of a translucent user interface for certain elements on your site. It tells users about additional mobile friendly content on the website.

Finger-Friendly design

Not only mobile screens are smaller but they are sensitive to touch also. When used by large adult fingers, they cause inconvenience. To avoid this, use larger and more colorful buttons. In order to accommodate adult fingers, ensure the height of each button is at least 35 pixels and the width is 55 pixels. It's recommended to increase the space between various touch targets in your content. This is important as it enables users tap on your links, social media outlets, and calls to action.

Font-Based Icons:

It happens over time that higher pixel densities and resolutions on high resolution screens of tablets make certain graphics look pixelated. The issue can be resolved by using font-based icons on mobile apps. Font based icons scale well on high resolution displays, and thus make them look great on tablets and smartphones.

Visible and Vibrant Social Sharing Buttons:

Like desktop users, mobile users too want to share what they like online. This helps a lot in brands' social media marketing efforts and expanding reach as it improves branding. It's also very important to position these social buttons in areas where users can spot them easily.

Analyze For Better Insight and Monitoring:

Apart from having rock solid mobile content, it's also important to track how your mobile friendly content is performing. Unless the website receives expected number of visitors and conversions, your expectations won't be fulfilled. Install any popular web analytics to check following parameters:

  • Bounce and exit rate
  • Number of first-time visits
  • Number of repeat visits
  • Number of pages browsed
  • Exit rate

These parameters are important as they help marketers having idea how effective their mobile content is and what they need to do to make it more impressive.

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Sharad Sharma Says:

To design your content for motivated scanning, whitespace is your single biggest tool. By using whitespace effectively, you can not only chunk your data but also lead your users to the most
important points in your content.

Angela Sem Says:

Create mobile friendly content is the most creative thing as mobile usage has increased than compared to desktop. The article is very helpful for website owners. It was very helpful to read.