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Core Ranking Algorithm Behind The Fluctuations, Not Penguin Update

Tarun Gupta | Jan 18th, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization

If you were among those webmasters who have noticed extreme ranking fluctuations over the weekend, here is the news for you. Googlers Zineb, Garry Illyes and John Mueller tweeted and confirmed that those ranking swings past weekend were due to a core ranking algorithm that Google rolled out quietly, and not because of penguin.


Many of the webmasters along with automated rank checking tools noticed a possible ranking see-saw over the weekend and speculated it a big Penguin update. But now, Google is out with its own version, more likely a confirmation that it wasn't Google penguin update SEOs had been waiting for.

It's worth noting that even after almost a year of last Penguin update, Google is silent on the exact time frame for the next real time Penguin roll out. Webmasters are still waiting for a Penguin update that was delayed and expected to be pushed around this month. This is why when fluctuations occurred, webmasters thought it a Penguin-related update.

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Rahul Joshi Says:

I am bit confused here, i found there is huge drop on some of my keywords
and some other are stable for same website. Google is absolutely testing Penguin..

Monny paul Says:

Noticed an impressive jump in rankings for 60% of my websites! The rest have moved 3-5 spots. According to my observations, I think this update was moreover a algorithm tweak rather than a full roll-out. Some of the competitor websites have moved 7-20 spots but nothing like the Penguin update.

Saurabh Panday Says:

Instead of spending your time on trying to beat Google algorithms, you should be focusing on asking yourself what your ideal end user really wants.

Gary Brich Says:

At the point when there are drops after these sorts of changes, do sites frequently recover rapidly or is a drop in ranking for a keyword usually somewhat permanent?

Karen Jain Says:

Panda Has Been Incorporated In Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm,because Google has now officially incorporated it in its core ranking algorithm. Some changes have been seen over the past few weeks over the Web, which had been rumoured to be the Penguin 4.0 update but, it was actually Panda.